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Clarisonic is known for its revolutionary face-cleansing device. You probably already know this. We’ve always loved the Clarisonic facial device because of the thorough cleansing it gives us, and we’ve always felt that it is one of the products everyone should have in their staple skincare arsenal, if you don’t already do.

Now, Clarisonic wants to take care of you from head to toe – quite literally! The latest innovation in their stable is the Pedi Sonic, a foot device that allows you to enjoy DIY pedicure.

clarisonic pedi sonic

While the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic looks similar to the facial device that you’re more familiar with, don’t be mistaken that you can inter-exchange them (eww?!) or that they’re the exact same thing. The Pedi Sonic is precision-engineered with an entirely new motor, which runs at a powerful “foot frequency” so that it can safely exfoliate the skin on your feet.

The Pedi Sonic comes with two heads that you can fit into the device: a Pedi Smoothing Disc and a Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head.

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  1. Did it work?

Did it work?

I was excited to try it and did the full regime that they recommended. I started “grazing” my feet with the Pedi Smoothing Disc, which I can feel that it runs through the skin with a much stronger motor than what my Clarisonic facial device offers. While the disc feels very rough and the motor runs very powerfully, there is no pain at all. Very quickly, I see some dead skin flaking off, especially on the dry and rough areas at my heels.

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Next, I applied the Pedi-Buff, an exfoliator that comes with the system’s package. This is a blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and a tri-fruit complex that helps to gently dissolve dead skin from the surface of the feet so skin on the feet feel smoother. This product is used together with the Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head, which massages my feet, and help to further remove any debris from the skin.

Then, I dried my feet and applied the Pedi-Boost. This product, which also comes with the system, is a foot renewing peel that further enhanced the exfoliation process.

Finally, I finished off the routine by applying the Pedi-Balm, a softening balm that hydrates, softens, and protects my feet.


It is recommended that you do this “full” routine twice weekly. And if you really want to take great care of your feet, you can do this for your daily routine: Use the Pedi-Buff with the Wet/Dry Buffing Brush, and then finish off with the Pedi-Balm.

I love that the device comes with three speeds that I can manipulate based on how “bad” the condition of my feet is. The products also give off a comforting citrus scent that makes the entire experience extra pampering. But no matter how the experience “felt”, what’s most important is the result. And from the photos above, you can clearly see that the routine has really helped me achieve smooth feet in the comfort of my own home. It’s a pity that you can’t touch my feet for yourself (it’s inappropriate even if you meet me, I’m just saying!); they felt really soft.

The Clarisonic Pedi-Sonic Foot Transformation System retails at SGD290, and is available at all authorised retailers, including Sephora stores, Tangs Orchard, and Robinsons Raffles City. See full list of locations here.

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