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Before I begin my review proper, I should divulge that I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Hang on, is this an overshare? Thanks to the haywired hormones, my face is constantly pestered by cringe-worthy acne that never fails to remind me when I look in the mirror. It came to the point where I would have gung-ho sales reps approaching me t0 beat the drum for their skincare products. To add on my worries, I also experience dull and dehydrated skin.


Founded in 1972, Phyt’s is known for its organic skincare products that aim at every skin type and condition. Based on natural ingredients that have the “same results as products of chemical origin”, Phyt’s promises to be the everyday essentials for beautiful, radiant skin.

Brightening Lotion


Enriched with mineral-boosting ingredients, the Phyt Brightening Lotion does what its name says – it brightens. Granted, it didn’t completely eliminate the angry red bumps (it’s not formulated for this purpose anyway), but it did add some colour to my face. Soothing and fragrant, this product is ideal for acne-prone skin, as it includes aloe vera as one of its active ingredients. It’s also jam-packed with bearberry and liquorice extracts that hinder melanin production and lighten brown marks. I enjoy applying it with a cotton pad before slapping on some BB cream.

Whitening Day Cream


When I first used the Phyt Whitening Day Cream, I knew it was going to be a love-and-hate affair. I was greeted with a funky, earthy smell that always had me jumping out of my skin whenever I open the cap. Thankfully, there are other factors that made up for this minor shortcoming. For instance, it’s loaded with several favourable ingredients: sunflower oil and acerola. The former for nourishing and softening, the latter exfoliating and boosting toxin elimination that brighten up the skin complexion. The whitening effect I love, the smell I don’t.

Nutrition Extreme Lip Cream


Finally, here’s a lip balm that truly does its job, and I’m guessing it’s owing to argan oil. It has a high content in Omega 6, which helps to repair, revitalise, soften and protect our lips from dehydration. A word of advice: Omega 6 are healthy only in moderation. Also, if you’re a fan of all things shea and coconut butter, this might be worth checking out. After using it for two weeks, I’m glad to report that my lip doesn’t peel as often as it used to. It’s radiant and much more healthy-looking. I love this lip balm so much that I’m on the verge of gushing.

Phyt’s products are available at Ecorganics Beauty, located at 1 Thomson Ridge. The beauty salon uses Phyt’s range of products for its customers. To try the products through a pampering facial, make an appointment by calling 6556-4787.

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