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I am familiar with Porcelain Aesthetics; Daily Vanity writer Sihan has previously tried their ProIonic Facial and has been raving to me about it after she’s tried it. This is why I was excited to visit it after making an appointment via MeFitted, a newly-launched grooming directory in Singapore.

Porcelain Aesthetics

I scheduled for the OxyRevive Plus Facial, a 75-minute facial treatment that I really needed because my skin has been looking a little dull, no thanks to clogged pores and stress from busy work schedules. This treatment has been awarded best facial for congested skin, so it sounds perfect for me.

I arrived at Porcelain Aesthetics, located at Orchard Gateway (its latest outlet), which is tucked away in a reticent corner of the mall; it’s situated right next to the library, so you can probably imagine it as the quiet haven that it is. I love that despite it being so convenient (just a five-minute walk from the Somerset MRT station) and right at the heart of Singapore’s busiest shopping belt, it is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its warm lights and cosy furniture also quickly relaxed my mind.

porcelain aesthetics 3

The unique thing about this treatment is that, while it is very effective for decongesting clogged pores, no extraction is actually done. What is used instead is a high-powered jet spray that dispenses saline and oxygen at high pressure so that the gunk within the pores can be softened and bacteria is killed at the same time. This process is known as the OxyJet Gentle Micro-Dermabrasion Therapy. This same jet spray is also used later to infuse oxygen filled with vitamins deeply into the skin (OxySpray Mist Therapy).

porcelain aesthetics 2

This unique technology allows my skin to be unclogged without subjecting it to aggressive extraction, something that I dislike because my skin is relatively thin and hence prone to redness and scarring. At the same time, I actually enjoy the sensation of the spray on my skin. It feels rather therapeutic.

After these steps, the therapist completes the treatment with the application of custom-blended serums, and then a mask.

porcelain aesthetics 1

I am quite impressed by the treatment because of how gentle it is on the skin, yet it doesn’t compromise on results. I could feel that my skin’s hydration level improved significantly right after the treatment, my pores were unclogged, and looked refined.

Another great thing about Porcelain Aesthetics is that it carries its own range of skincare products that can be picked for you based on your skin needs. The textures of these products are all very easily absorbed and lightweight, perfect for our hot and humid climate.

porcelain skincare products

OxyRevive Plus Facial is available at SGD298.55 (incl. GST) is available at Porcelain Origins, Porcelain Signatures, and Porcelain Face Spa. Call 6227 9692 to make an appointment.