A good facial experience is like a heart-to-heart session with a close girlfriend – confidences are shared, concerns and insecurities come out of hiding and you have a clearer picture of what the reality is (not ideal but definitely not as bad as you think). On the way home, you’ll be smiling, maybe with a little spring in your step.

Despite being a facial non-regular, I find the rejuvenating effects that Porcelain Aesthetics’ ProIonic Facial delivers almost instant, with lasting benefits that exceed my expectations. Having gone for facials where extraction was a common component of the treatment (indeed, Porcelain The Face Spa is known for their extraction-based facials), I initially thought that I would probably need to wait for a couple of days before results would start showing.

Before (Consultation)

Skin analysis before treatment

To my pleasant surprise, not only was the entire process extremely soothing and relaxing, it actually showed pretty heartening results during the treatment. A relatively new service, the facial uses the INDIBA® Capacitive Electrode, from the same medical devices company based in Barcelona which specializes in non-invasive long-wave radio frequency based technologies.

Conveniently located in the heart of Orchard, the comfortably hush environs of the spa tucked away in a corner on the third floor of Orchard Gateway provide a welcome respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. After a thorough analysis and consultation whereby my skin condition was analysed for moisture, sebum and elasticity levels, my therapist for the day, Zane, ushered me into a spacious treatment room before explaining briefly that the facial helps to promote lymphatic drainage and boost circulation for natural radiance.

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  1. The Experience

The Experience

Prior to the treatment, I was given a double cleansing before Zane applied the INDIBA® Capacitive Electrode on my face to boost lymphatic drainage. Although it was my first time trying out this technology and on a sensitive area such as my face, I was given ample reassurance on what to expect, such as the gradual warming of the electrode and to let Zane know if I was feeling any discomfort.

She proceeded to use the INDIBA® Resistive Electrode, which penetrates the skin’s deeper layers to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblast on my face. A combination of factors such as diet, stress and hormonal changes may upset your skin’s natural ion balance, so the machine emits 448kHz long wave radio frequency to help restore that balance by stimulating the movement of ions through your cell membranes.

After (Consultation)

Skin analysis after treatment

After performing the treatment on the right side of my face, Zane brought a mirror to show me the difference in my skin tone, which took on a dewy quality and became noticeably brighter. Just one session was enough to convince me that with a few more treatments, my complexion will start seeing more improvement. Perhaps soon, I’ll be able to look good “naked”.

Before (Consultation)After (Consultation)

The Porcelain ProIonic Facial (SGD 425.85 for 90 minutes) is available at Porcelain Origins, Porcelain Signatures and Porcelain Face Spa. Call 6227 9692 to make an appointment.