Happy Lunar New Year!

If you’re looking for a facial treatment that’s an all-rounder, perhaps you could consider the Illuminate Facial at Porcelain. This newest treatment at Porcelain is great for resurfacing skin, anti-ageing, brightening, and skin detox. Read on as I share my experience going through it.

What does it involve?

It begins with the 2-in-1 Oxy-Diamond microdermabrasion, a technology from Italy that is exclusively available at Porcelain in Singapore. This comes with an ultra-fine diamond tip that removes dead skin and infuses the skin with oxygen at the same time.

porcelain vinotherapy

Next, vinotherapy, which involves the replacement of traditional acid peels that can be very harsh on skin with wine to exfoliate skin. While some people may experience some stinging sensation in this step, it was very bearable for me and I could have slept through this if I were more tired. For those with sensitive skin, vinotherapy can be replaced with even gentler alternatives. These two first steps help with skin resurfacing, which leaves your skin looking brighter, and more ready to receive the skincare goodness that is about to be infused into your skin.

porcelain oxygen mist

A customised ingredient is then chosen from Deeply Hydrating Damascena Rose Lotion, Ginseng Reviving Tonic or Purifying Witch Hazel based on your skin’s needs. The ingredients are delivered to the skin through hyperbaric oxygen infusion, which is a technology that is able to penetrate the ingredients into the deeper level of your skin. The oxygen mist that comes out from the applicator may leave some feeling a little breathless. I experienced that although it was bearable. Feel free to let your therapist know if you feel any discomfort so she can adjust the applicator accordingly.

porcelain oxypulse massage

The most enjoyable part of the facial treatment is probably the OxyPulse Lymphatic Drainage massage. Using the Floral Essence Lotion made with Italian florals, the therapist massages my face for lymphatic drainage and to rid skin of toxins. I fell asleep at this point because it was so soothing.

Finally, Porcelain’s Hydrocare pH Balancing Bio-cellulose Mask, which is infused with concentrated skin serum was applied on my skin.

How did I feel?

The facial treatment may have taken approximately 75 minutes, I felt that it was much quicker because it was very relaxing and pampering. I left the facial spa with much cleaner and brighter skin that felt taut and smooth, without any redness or marks that some facial treatments are known to give. In fact, I felt confident enough to head out with just some sunscreen because my skin looked like it was glowing.

porcelain aesthetics 1

Illuminate Facial is available at Porcelain, with various outlets. The 75-minute facial is available at SGD406.60.