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How do we combat our skin woes? Most of us would say that they have tried everything. From going to facials to buying dozens of skincare products, and even taking skincare supplements. What else is there out there for you to try? Well, we dare say that laser treatments have crossed your mind several times before, but you just never got down to actually doing it!

The price of laser treatments and the nature of such a treatment can be frightening to some of us, especially for those that have not tried it before. I tried out the latest 360 Solution laser treatment down at PPP Laser Clinic, which you could have guess from its name is well-known for their laser facials.

PPP Laser Clinic Shop Front

What is the 360 Solution laser treatment?

This laser treatment was created by PPP Laser Clinic, and it aims to revitalise the skin and help to attain a clearer and more radiant complexion – all within 30 minutes. Perfect for a lunch fix!

How are the therapists at PPP Clinic?

PPP Laser Clinic photo of staff

PPP Laser Clinic photo of staff Lorie (left) and Wan Mei (right).

When I reached the clinic (conveniently located at Raffles City), Wan Mei, a staff from PPP Laser Clinic immediately came to greet me with a huge smile, something I really appreciated especially after a long day at work. I was then led to the main counter where her colleague, Lorie explained to me about the process of the treatment, and also asked if I had any past experience of doing laser treatments, and if I had any major health concerns (such as epilepsy). As a virgin to laser treatments, this consultation sets my heart at ease and I knew that I was in good hands.

PPP Laser Clinic Vanity Table

PPP Laser Clinic Vanity Table

Before the consultation started, I was told to remove my makeup (don’t worry, they provide makeup wipes). If you don’t remove your makeup well, there will be a loud “spark” sound during the treatment – that is your makeup being fried by the laser! Thumbs up for the huge vanity table!

Tip: If you know you are going for a laser treatment on that day, it will be better for you to be there without makeup. That way, you don’t have to remove it right before your laser treatment which may irritate the skin.

What happens before the laser treatment

During the consultation, my skin was assessed by the Dr. Wilson Ho. Dr. Ho kick started the consultation by asking about the main concerns for my skin. The obvious ones were my pimples, scars, and uneven skin tone. He was very friendly and approved of my concerns. Dr. Ho also mentioned that the laser treatment could also help me achieve the highly-sought after “V-shaped” face and make my cheekbones more prominent. That was a big “wow” for a girl that have a round face and almost two-dimensional cheekbones all her life. Another important thing to note is that after the laser treatment, there will be a slight burning sensation, but not to panic, as it will go away in about 30 minutes.

PPP Laser Clinic Consultation Room

PPP Laser Clinic Consultation Room

Next, he explained in depth about the 360 Solution treatment that I will be going through. The skin concerns this treatment addresses can be categorised into Colour, Consistency, and Contour.

1. Colour


Melasmas – Grey and brown patches on the skin Source

Skin looks uneven or dull with visible pigmentation that includes melasma (brown or grey patches on the skin), freckles, birthmarks etc.

2. Consistency

acne scars

Uneven skin surface, large pores, pimples, acnes, acne scars etc.

3. Contour


Skin is sagging with visible fine line, smile lines, and wrinkles.

My skin concerns mainly fit into the Colour and Consistency category.

PPP Laser Clinic 360 Solution Chart 3Cs - Colour, Consistency, and Contour

PPP Laser Clinic 360 Solution Chart Treatments

The 3Cs and their corresponding treatments

The consultation ended with him prescribing only four out of five of the treatments in the 360 Solution laser treatment. He opted out the collagen remodelling because he felt that at this stage, the other treatments were more important in aiding my skin. I could have insisted for all five of the laser treatments, but I trusted Dr. Ho’s judgement and just went ahead with it.

During the treatment:

PPP Laser Treatment - Waiting for the treatment to start

Waiting for the treatment to start

PPP Laser Treatment - Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment!

PPP Laser Treatment - Ion Infusion 1 copy

Ion Infusion

As it was my first time doing laser treatment, I was really scared (clenching my fist unconsciously), but the doctor administering the treatment was very nice. Before he starts the laser treatment, he preps me by telling me how the laser will feel on my skin, and answer any questions I threw at him (“Will it be painful?”, “Will it burn my skin?”). He starts the treatment by assuringly saying “I am going to start at the top of your forehead – you ready?”.

The laser treatment was stinging to my skin, but overall still bearable (my threshold of pain is quite low). Other things I noticed was that it smelt like “hair dryer” while the laser was doing its work.

The best part of the treatment? The Ion Infusion! Its main function was to soothe the skin, which was done by applying cold Hyaluronic Acid Serum all over my face and using a machine to massage the serum in. Not only does it help with hydration, it felt super good on the post-laser treatment skin!

Pictures of me before and after the 360 Solution treatments


Before the treatment side view 2

Before the treatment front view 2

Before the treatment side view 1


After Laser Treatment side view 1

After Laser Treatment front view

After Laser Treatment side view 2

My skin had a healthy glow (no doubt thanks to the Ion Infusion treatment), and pimples that were threatening to explode didn’t look so inflamed anymore. While there was a slight burning sensation, it was not as bad as I thought it would be and it went away about 30 minutes after the treatment. Aftercare instructions were really strict: no contact with direct sunlight for the next one week, and to always put on sunscreen (which they provided after the treatment) no matter where you go (yes, UV rays are present everywhere, even in your bedroom!)


The effects were quite visible considering that only one treatment was done, and there was almost no down time at all, making it a great beauty fix to go for during lunch.

The 360 Solution is available at all PPP Laser Clinic outlets. The taster package is available at SGD360 that includes one session of the above-mentioned laser treatments.