Asians are obsessed with whitening products and to feed this insatiable demand for clearer, more radiant complexion, brands also plough lots of effort into conducting researches to provide the most effective and advanced technology. And with so many products in the market – fueled by several high-key launches every year – we’re typically torn among a few picks. Daily Vanity put three of the most note-worthy launches this year to the test and tell you if they’re worth checking out.

Lancome Blanc Expert “Sun Loving Zone” Bio-Cellulose Mask

We’ve heard of eye masks, lifting masks and the usual facial masks. The new Lancome mask that is designed for fighting pigmentation is the “Sun Loving Zone” Bio-Cellulose Mask that promises brighter skin to users within ten minutes. The “Sun Loving Zone”, as Lancome scientists found out, is the “high points” of the face including the cheeks and nose, as well as the under eye area. The mask is used as an intensive treatment that takes care of this special area on the face, which is very prone to pigmentation.

Whitening Masks Lancome Blanc Expert Sun Loving Zone Bio Cellulose Mask


Does it work: Be really careful when you open the package containing the mask. This contains a generous amount of serum, if you’re not careful with it, you’re going to have it drip out of the package and wasting the goodies. I love that it is a bio-cellulose mask that would never “dry up” on the skin even if you apply it for a long time (although the product instructions say you only need to use it for 10 minutes), and it stays firmly on the skin so it’s possible for you to be going about your activities at home while using it. After using it, you’re asked to go through a set of massage techniques that is stated on the packaging of the mask, with diagrams that you can follow. I notice a cooling sensation after removing the mask that lasts for quite a while. The area of the skin that the mask covers (cheeks and nose) also sees noticeable radiance. Now, I only wish this were a mask that covers the entire face so I can have overall radiance. The Lancome Blanc Expert “Sun Loving Zone” Bio-Cellulose Mask will be available from 1 March 2013.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream

Vitamin C is a common ingredient used in whitening products. While it is highly effective, it is also known to be highly unstable (thus, losing its effectiveness) when exposed to sunlight. Kiehl’s approach to whitening is through the innovation of Activated C, a stable substitute for vitamin C that remains potent even if it’s exposed to the sun, in its Clearly Corrective White collection. This year, the brand introduced Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream to the whitening collection as a solution to eliminate the appearance of skin discoloration as well as boosting hydration for 24 hours.Whitening Masks Kiehls Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream

Does it work: I am a fan of the Clearly Corrective White range and am glad that this new addition to the family did not disappoint. Upon first look, the cream looks velvety and rich, but once you apply it, you’d notice that it quickly melts into an ultra-light formula that is more common with gels. Unlike most creams formulated for whitening, which can feel a little harsh on the skin, this actually feels comfortable and soothing. It’s definitely a product that will find favour with those of us who are concerned with both hydration and whitening. The Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream retails at SGD80.

Chanel Le Blanc Intensive Night Whitening Treatment

This is one product that makes us feel excited just by reading its ingredient list. The Chanel Le Blanc Intensive Night Whitening is touted the most powerful in the Le Blanc family, for it is the first time Chanel Research combines two patented active ingredients – the TXC molecule and Butinol -to fight against dark spots and uneven skin tone. This comes in a box of four, and is to be applied in the evening to help repair daily damage, regulate production of melanin and to revive the glow from your skin. It is to be used a few times a year as a great booster to your existing regime.

Whitening Masks Chanel Le Blanc Intensive Night Whitening Treatment

Does it work: This fragrance-free formula comes with a dispensing pump, which I love, because of how fuss-free and clean it is. Following a set of massage techniques that are explained to me through textual instructions and diagrams, I spend one minute using the product every evening. While each bottle is said to last for one week, I realise a little goes a long way and  I could easily use it for around two weeks instead. Interestingly, results aren’t instant, and I don’t find the user experience particularly amazing. It’s not the most hydrating, fragrant nor is the texture fantastic (unlike most other Chanel products I’ve tried). However, what impressed me was the delivery of the results on the skin. After using it for about a week, still on my first bottle, I have received unsolicited compliments about how my skin looks like it glows – with or without makeup. Many who see me everyday also asked if I have changed my regime in any way because they saw significant radiance from my skin. The Chanel Le Blanc Intensive Night Whitening Treatment retails at SGD415 and is available from 1 March 2013.