There was a time when BB Cream remains a strength of the Asian market – a product that’s very dominant in Korean brands and are embraced only by Asian girls. And then suddenly, it gained great popularity and the Western brands are also jumping onto the bandwagon. When these brands began their own versions a few years back, I tried the ones from Maybelline, Biotherm, Lancome and The Body Shop, and decided that they weren’t horrible, but just not as fantastic as the ones by Korean brands.

Now, there’s a second wave of launches and I’m going to put to test the ones that’s just been launched by Dior, Philosophy, Kiehl’s and Elizabeth Arden, and tell you if they are any good. Note that I’m doing a half-face review, so you can see the difference, and I always wear the BB cream on my right (that’s your left).

Does DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme Work?

Diorsnow Uv Shield Bb CremeOffering SPF50, PA+++, the DiorSnow BB Creme’s main benefit is its brightening properties. Formulated with the Icelandic Glacial Water, this BB cream promises shield against varied hydration levels too and to help correct the appearance of pigments and dark spots.

When I swatched it on myself (I’m a shade 20), it swatched a little too fair on me, although the brands says the shade adjusts to your skin tone. It is available in two shades, and the other one looks too dark for me.

However, I like the overall finish that it provides, although it isn’t very easy to blend and doesn’t strike me as very hydrating. I really like the scent that it comes with, that is very light and pleasant. I also like that it comes with a dispensing pump, making it easy and clean to use the product.

The DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme retails at SGD83.

Does Philosophy Be Your Best work?

Philosophy Be Your Best Bb Cream

In SPF30, PA+++, this BB Cream from Philosophy also comes in two shades. The one I’m wearing is the darker one, at 02 Medium. I’ve tried both shades and find the fair too fair, and medium a little too dark.

This comes with pretty good concealing power and while I think it looks a little tanned on me, interestingly, it turns out pretty okay in photos. I wish it were a little more hydrating too, because I find it hard to glide the formula on the skin. Like the Dior one, this also comes with a dispensing pump.

This retails at SGD68.

Does Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream work?

Kiehls Actively Correcting Beautifying Bb Cream

Released under its Dermatologist Solutions range, this provides SPF50, PA+++, and vitamin C. It promises to help correct existing skin tone irregularities and prevent uneven skin tone, while concealing blemishes. I wore the shade Fair. It comes in three shades: Fair, light, natural. I realise the difference among the three isn’t stark because it doesn’t have heavy coverage, it pretty much blends into the skin, despite its tint.

The change in the skin is very subtle, and it’s concealing power very low. However, it is the most hydrating of the lot and the easiest to blend. The finish is also the most natural.

This retails at SGD52.

Does Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream work?

elizabeth arden visible whitening bb cream

Carrying SPF 30, PA+++, this is a daytime BB cream in the new Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening range. It comes in a tube form and has a very watery texture, which I really like, because it’s so easy to apply. Besides sun protection, just like the rest of the products in the Visible Whitening range, this provides whitening benefits by deterring the production of melanin.

elizabeth arden bb cream review

Elizabeth Arden BB cream, with flash

This retails at SGD80.

Comparing the four…

For the purpose of comparison, I will judge according to these criteria:

1. Coverage: Does it conceal blemishes well?
2. Sun protection: Does it contain high SPF?
3. Finish: How does it look on the skin?
4. Texture: Is it lightweight and easy to apply?
5. Comfort: How does it feel on the skin?

Each category is worth 5 points, which means total score is over 25.

bb cream comparison chart

Dior             Philosophy      Kiehl’s           Elizabeth Arden 
Coverage 4 3 2.5 3.5
Sun protection 5 4 5 4
Finish 3.5 3.5 4.5 4.5
Texture 3 3 4 4.5
Comfort 4 3.5 4 4
Total score 19.5 17 20 20.5


As you can probably see, it’s a close fight between Dior, Kiehl’s and Elizabeth Arden. However, Elizabeth Arden emerges the ultimate winner because of it is an all-rounder. While it may not provide as much coverage, it’s finish and ease of wearing really makes me love it. Look at the comparison photos above and you’d probably realise that it evens out and whitens skin tone, providing a really natural finish. I also appreciate the lightweight formula that makes it really comfortable to the skin. Oh, it has a light, pleasant scent too! I only wish it carries an even higher SPF so I can wear it to the outdoors too. But for now, it shall be my companion for work days.

These being said, Kiehl’s being a close second, also has a much lower price point, comparatively. So if you’re looking for something that has a higher SPF, and if you don’t need so much coverage, this will make a great choice that I endorse too.