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While the cryotherapy works on the body by putting it into “emergency mode”, hence improving its metabolic rate and ability to heal itself, the cryofacial uses the same technology applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and visibly decrease pore size. This treatment also promises to help the appearance of skin become tighter, more even-toned and to improve blood circulation.

The cryofacial eliminates some cells from the surface of the skin and penetrates deeply into the skin. Our body reacts by creating more collagen and new cells and repeated treatment will eventually trigger new growth.

At the same time, in response to the coldness, our blood vessels tighten and become smaller, tightening the appearance of pores and tightening skin temporarily. While this is a temporary result, the process cause more oxygen and nutrients to be naturally brought to the treated area which can give skin a healthier look.

I went to Absolute Zero to give this treatment a try. A probe is held near my skin where liquid nitrogen (that vapourises onto my skin) touches it. Each spot is carefully covered as my therapist asked me to give her the cue whenever my skin starts to feel “numb”.


She focuses especially at areas where expression lines and sag tend to appear. The sensation is really interesting – have you ever put your hand into a bucket of ice? It kinda gives that numbing feeling after a while, without the wetness.


The slight “pain” feels like ants’ sting but is really bearable.



The entire treatment concluded within 10-15 minutes and if you look at the “after” photo below, it leaves a little redness right after the treatment (as you can see on my right cheek, that’s your left) but quickly recovers (as you can see on my left cheek, that’s your right).


I notice that my expression lines become less obvious and my skin significantly lifted. It is probably more obvious in the photos below.


The treatment is available at Absolute Zero, located at #03-15, Pacific Plaza.