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Having been a beauty journalist for a number of years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out different beauty treatments, including those for slimming and weight loss. I visited Marie France Bodyline at its International Building outlet for two trials and I was impressed.

Here are five reasons why it stood out:

1. Professional consultation

I am pleasantly surprised to know that the person doing my body analysis is a nutritionist who really understands body makeup, diet and weight management. With the help of an ultrasound powered equipment (I heard Marie France Bodyline was one of the first to have such technology), she was able to show me the thickness of fat in my arms, tummy, love handles and thighs. Through the thorough analysis, she identified my limbs (arms and thighs) as my problem areas and so the treatments should be focusing on them.

2. Targeted treatment

The thing about slimming treatments that focus on overall weight loss is that sometimes weight is but a vanity number. What I mean is, losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be seeing size changes to the areas that you’d like to trim, in order to achieve a proportionately slender silhouette.

Remember the analysis that I did when I first arrived at the outlet? With this analysis, I decided that I will go through two treatments that focus on my thighs. This means that any weight loss I experience after the treatments can be safely assumed as loss on the thighs and not anywhere else.

For this reason, I was told that many celebrities and models who are very slim also visit Marie France Bodyline for trimming of specific areas, in their pursuit of body perfection.

3. Comprehensive strategy

The treatment that I went through is the Advance ThermoActive Laser Therapy that consists of a series of treatments designed to get rid of the appearance of fats around specific areas.

In the first treatment, my therapist, May came with herbs-infused wraps that look like bandages and wrap them around my thighs.

Unlike other body contouring wraps that I’ve tried, May didn’t wrap them around tightly, thus the process was very comfortable. After wrapping, I rested on the sofa with some magazines while the therapist gives me a hand massage.Marie France Advance Thermoactive Laser Therapy

After 30 minutes, I was brought to another room to go through a machine therapy. First, the Active Silhouette Gel, made up of a blend of brown algae, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, was applied onto my thighs. The Germanium Therapy was administered next to enhance the efficacy of the Active Silhouette Gel. This therapy uses ultrasound waves and Electro-magnetic Stimulation to penetrate into the problem area. Together, they help to increase circulation, speed up metabolism, remove toxins, and tone and firm flabby skin. You can expect to feel a slight tingling sensation as the therapist moves the device around your skin.

Then, the ThermoActive Mask was applied. This is a self-heating mask that contains marine concentrate of Laminara Digitata, a mineral that helps with fat burning. This mask helps with detoxification, improve blood circulation, decongest tissues and revitalisation.

Finally, the Laser Pulse System Machine was introduced. Using a probe, the therapist went over every part of my thighs. I’d describe the sensation as a pulsing massage with slight suction motion, that felt a little funny at first, but very quickly, I got used to the feeling and actually began to enjoy it. This session is designed to increase lymphatic circulation, strengthen immune system so that the look of cellulite can be reduced, and fat burning can be promoted.

4. Pampering experience

I loved the additional touches that went beyond just the treatments designed for slimming. For certain treatments I got to recline on a sofa to take a rest over tea and magazines. My therapist also gave me a hand, shoulder and foot massage in our two-hour session. I felt relaxed, pampered, and it made me look forward to my next treatment.

5. Impeccable service

May always made me feel as though I was her only client. She was very attentive to my needs and was always making sure I felt comfortable. She addressed me by my name and made small talk that wasn’t intrusive. One of my pet peeves at beauty services is when the therapists ask too many personal questions and I was really glad that May didn’t do this.

The overall experience has been a good one, because of how professional the staff were. They also use advanced technology that are scientifically-proven to work, which made me more confident of their services. Of course, it helped that the setting was comfortable and the therapist provided great service.

If you are looking for a first time trial of the Advance ThermoActive Laser Therapy, click here

Marie France Bodyline is located at #08-01 International Building, #01-200 Marina Square, #02-21 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Blk 513 Bishan Street 13 #01-502, and 1 Marine Parade Central #01-03.

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