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My favourite way to spend my me-time? A great scrub followed by mask, as I sit quietly with a book and a glass of champagne. Ah, paradise. Even if it’s just for a while.

My love for the APIVITA express beauty masks is no secret, but it’s recently that I found out that these masks are an integral part of the history of the Greek brand, because they’re the first natural cosmetics company that brought face masks into the pharmacy. It’s probably no surprise that these signature masks have been successful since the beginning. To date, more than 2,000,000 masks have been sold – this means that approximately four are sold per minute. Wow.

And I’m not surprised why they’re so popular. First, they contains natural nutrients that are great for skin, feel extremely luxurious on the face, and are packed into the size of a sachet, making it really easy to bring along and to share.

Apivita Express Beauty Mask With Sea Lavender

The newest addition to the APIVITA Express Beauty Mask family is the Sea Lavender. Sea Lavender is known for its moisturizing properties and skin renewal capabilities. This antioxidant-rich mask also contains propolis (a patented extract by APIVITA), honey, shea butter, aloe and wheat germ, as well as lavender and geranium essential oils.

Each sachet of this leave-on mask contains so much formula that you can afford to apply a really thick layer onto your face and neck. Sometimes, when there’s still more left over, I will apply it onto my elbows and knees. Who says we can only take good care of our face, right?

apivita beauty express mask - sea lavender
Upon application, what I immediately notice is how the Sea Lavender mask leaves a cooling sensation on the skin – perfect for those humid afternoons. It is also lightly scented, with a refreshing smell of florals.

Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes and wash it off, and you’ll find your skin extremely smooth, hydrated and supple. This is definitely a hydrating booster that you need to quickly achieve radiance and great texture on the skin.

The APIVITA Express Mask with Sea Lavender retails at SGD58 for a box of 12 packs.

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