When Greek natural cosmetics brand, Apivita came to Singapore last year, the very first product that intrigued me were their huge variety of masks. They come in sachets that are easy to carry around and the large assortment means that there’s definitely something for every skin need. I’d love to talk about their other products as well, but they simply carry too many – from hair, to aromatherapy, and from products for men to products for kids. So, I’m just going to focus on the Express Masks in this article.

Consisting of four product lines in the Express Masks range: Express Beauty, Express Gold, Facial Mask and Facial Scrub, there are almost 30 products for you to choose from.

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Which Mask to go for?

I’ve tried quite a number of masks from the range now, over the last few months, and undeniably, my favourite has to be the Express Beauty with Honey. Formulated with 90% natural ingredient, this leave-on mask is great for providing hydration as well as help with preventing first wrinkles – two concerns I’m very into. This is also formulated for those with normal/dry combination skin (my skin type), so it could be why I found so much favour with it.

Apivita Express Masks Honey And Pomegranate

Every sachet is generously packed with the formula that I find it hard to finish it in one go. I was able to pile on a really thick layer over my face and neck. Leaving it on for just 10 minutes, I rinse it off to find my skin feeling supple, rejuvenated and very, very hydrated. I like to use it just before I sleep, and notice that I was able to wake up to really good skin the next day. My skin tends to feel a little oily (with enlarged pores, no less) when I wake up, but with the help of the Apivita Express Mask with Honey the previous night, my skin felt fresh and well-balanced when I woke up the next day. The effect of well-balanced skin managed to hold through the day, keeping my skin feeling and looking good, and makeup to cake less.

Another one that I really love is the Express Beauty with Pomegranate. This one is formulated with 89% natural ingredients and is great for brightening and combatting first wrinkles. Besides pomegranate extracts, which carry antioxidants, this leave-on mask is also rich in honey, olive oil and vitamins. I love how this mask is able to make skin looks healthier and glowy immediately and smells really heavenly. It is an SOS mask to go for, if you want to look radiant quickly.

Express Beauty masks retail at SGD58 for 12 sachets, while Express Gold masks retail at SGD72 for 12 sachets.

Apivita is located at ION Orchard and Vivocity. Visit the Apivita website for more information on the products they offer.