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Call it instant beauty in a box, but this blusher really rocks. The latest Box o’ powders from Benefit Cosmetics, Rockateur is a rose-gold blusher that has a peach tint with a hint of gold.

Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur BlusherAs with all its Box o’ powders, this one also comes with an angled brush that fits the box perfectly and sweeps easily onto the cheeks.

With a specialized formula that works by combining the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures, the technology means that you’re able to achieve a brighter colour payoff.

Now, see it on my cheeks:

Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher After

I like how the gold accents help create a dewy glow on my cheeks, as though I’ve dusted highlighter over it – for the record, I didn’t! All I had on my cheeks was the blusher.

If you’re Benefit’s Box o’ powder fan and have already tried a few of their blushers, here’s a guide to help you differentiate between them:

I have tried Hervana, Coralista and now Rockateur, and I must say they all give off a rather different vibe.

Coralista is more a basic blusher that’s great for everyday use. It is great even for the most unadventurous beauty junkie and gives a very sweet and innocent vibe.

Hervana, on the other hand, has a flattering berry shade (I would never have thought you could wear purple blusher!) probably thanks to the fact that it combines with colours like rose and peach. On me, I look like I’ve just gone out to the sun for a bit, so it gives a very bubbly look.

As for Rockateur, I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but I think it feels a little more glamorous than the other two that I’ve tried. It is also the blusher that I go for when I want to freshen up my complexion because the gold accents really help to brighten up my skin.

The Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur retails at SGD46 and is available from this month onwards.

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