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The Biotherm Blue Therapy collection has been quite a hit among Daily Vanity readers. It was a nice feeling having readers come up to me or write to me to tell me that they really liked a product that I’ve recommended.

Like the rest of the Blue Therapy collection, the new Blue Therapy Eye is governed by the philosophy that only 20% of the signs of ageing are inevitable because they’re caused by chronological ageing that we can’t prevent. The other 80% can be visibly reduced. This is a very hopeful thought and I like to think that most aspects of our lives are within our control.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Eyes

Similar to the rest of its family, the Blue Therapy Eye is formulated with aquatic ingredients including the Pure Thermal Plankton, all picked because of their natural anti-ageing abilities. The blend also include ingredients like Flavonoid, Amino acid and peptides, and together it promises to reduce the look of dark undereye circles, soothe puffiness, visibly reduce signs of ageing.

Does the Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye work?

If you’re looking forward to the pleasant fragrance that came with the rest of the Blue Therapy products, you’d be disappointed in this one. The Blue Therapy Eye is absolutely fragrance-free.

The texture is something to shout about. First look at it and you’ll think you’re dealing with a rich cream, but when you press your finger into the jar, you’d notice that it has a sponge-like texture, and as you dab it onto your eye area, it melts into a watery texture onto your skin. It’s surprisingly lightweight, and I love that it absorbs very fast, and is non-oily.

Pat it onto your undereye area with your fourth finger and lightly massage. Bring the formula up to where the crow’s feet usually appear and pat it onto that area too. I usually lift up the formula onto the eyelids as well and gently pat it a few times.

I have been told that results can be seen really fast, so at first I was really disappointed that I didn’t see much differences to my eye contours.

I think I’ve only started noticing some improvements after using it for around three weeks. I notice how my eye contours look brighter now, and dark eye circles less obvious. I don’t really have lines around my eyes, so this is an aspect I can’t really judge. However, I’m quite impressed by its eye brightening effect, in fact, I now feel confident enough to head out without any concealer, and then eventually I don’t even wear any foundation when I head out now. I used to wear foundation mainly to even out my skin tone and to conceal the darkness around my eye contours.

The Blue Therapy Eye retails at SGD70 and is available at all Biotherm counters.