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Update to original review below.

Known best for their eyebrow embroidery treatments, Allure Beauty also offers facial treatments, using European brand, Atache Laboratories. I was invited to try their C Vital Facial Treatment at their newest outlet at City Square Mall. The C Vital facial treatment is designed to help fight oxidation, a factor that causes skin discolouration and dullness. And at the heart of this treatment is Pure Vitamic C, a powerful antioxidant that’s essential for the production of collagen tissue.

Allure Beauty Saloon

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Stepping into the brightly-lit salon, I was greeted by the cheery receptionists who led me to a room to await the treatment. I sipped on some tea as the music from songs by Teresa Teng played in the background.

I was later led to a clean and comfortable room where the treatment was supposed to take place. Putting my things into the cabinet, I asked if I needed to change out of my clothes, but I was told that there’s no need to. This turned out to be quite a bad point because some products dripped onto my dress later during the facial.

Allure Beauty Saloon Treatment Room

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I laid down on the bed and the therapist removed my makeup with a very lightweight makeup remover by Atache. My face immediately feel clean and refreshed after that. Looking at my bare skin with a bright white light, the therapist told me my skin is generally okay, but it is particularly thin on the cheeks. There are also visible blackheads on the nose and chin area.

Using a softening product, my skin was exfoliated so the vitamin essence can be better absorbed after that. This process caused a slight stinging sensation on the skin but I was told that it is normal. The therapist took care to apply more of the product on my T-zone and less on the cheeks because she doesn’t want to upset the thin skin.

After 10 minutes, the product is cleansed off and steam was used to help open up the pores. The therapist then proceeded to extracting black and white heads from my face. I must say that while it is very painful, I was glad to see that it didn’t leave behind any red marks as I would have usually experienced at other salons that do extraction. For this, the therapist must have used good techniques for the extraction. But that being said, I still had pimples on two spots that were extracted upon a few days after the session.

After the extraction, a cold ball that comes with serum was applied onto the entire face to soothe skin and minimise pores. This feels very comfortable, especially after the painful extraction process.

Then, Atache C Vital Serum mixed with C Vital fluid was applied together with acupressure massage on the skin. This process is designed to help with skin detox and to boost the immunity and radiance of the skin. As a beauty writer, I’ve experienced many facial massages, and I must say that this is one of the most enjoyable ones. The massage relaxed me and made my skin feel more taut.

After that, the C Vital mask was applied on the face. 20 minutes later, the mask was removed and my face was cleansed – and the facial was done!

I walked out of the salon sans makeup, but my skin was clearly rejuvenated and has a natural glow to it.

The C Vital Facial Treatment is available at SGD480 for 90 minutes, which I think is a little pricey. While I have to say that the facial treatment, especially the facial massage, is the real deal, SGD480 is 30-50% more expensive than most spas I’ve visited – including SK-II Boutique Spa, Auriga Spa at Capella Hotel and Spa Artisan at Fullerton Hotel.

Allure Beauty Saloon Reception

Source: vaniday.com

Also, besides great results from the facial, I will expect top-notch service from the salon. However, besides being slightly dismayed at not being able to change into a robe, I was also very disturbed by the noise of people chatting and laughing loudly throughout the entire session. This could be because of poor sound-proofing of the rooms. The results also don’t seem to last longer than the day itself – so far, the one facial treatment that I really think gives more lasting results is K-Lift from Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Hotel, where the results lasted for about a week.

And for SGD480, I will also expect services such as massage chairs in waiting lounges like what Auriga Spa offers, full spa facilities like mud bath, swimming pool and cascading waterfall like what Spa Botanica offers, and TWG tea and artisan chocolates served after the session, like what St. Regis’ Remede Spa offers. Well, you get my drift.

But of course, different people place different expectations and value on different items, and I’m sure there are many of you out there who don’t mind spending money on good facials, as long as they work. The choice is yours!

Allure Beauty Saloon’s latest outlet is located at #03-29, City Square Mall. Visit Allure Beauty’s website for more information.

Update: After Daily Vanity published this review, Allure Beauty invited us back to the salon again. They told us that they’re always opened to feedback and wanted to make right the items that we said they could improve on. On my second visit, they offered me a sarong to change into so my clothes can be kept dry. The room was comfortable and free from noise.

The facial techniques, once again, didn’t disappoint. I was glad to see my skin look much more radiant after the facial. I have been suffering from clogged pores after many stressful weeks and my therapist really helped to unclog them and turn my dull complexion brighter.

I think it’s commendable that Allure Beauty takes feedback and comments seriously and strive towards improving their service level. The right attitude will definitely take them a long way. Kudos to them!