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Looks like we’ve entered another phase of base makeup. One moment we were all raving over the BB creams, and now CC creams are all the rage. We did a story quite some time ago to compare the difference between the BB and CC. Now, having tried both the BB and the CC, what I notice is that I actually prefer the texture of the CC, which are typically more lightweight. While the coverage it provides isn’t a lot, it helps to improve the colour of complexion – something that I would need more than coverage, because while I don’t have a lot of visible blemishes, I wish my skin looked less dull.

Chanel is one of the pioneers that has their own CC cream (in 2011). And late last year, they added another shade to their repertoire, the 12 Beige Rosé, a slightly pinker shade that is specifically adapted to Asian complexion.


Same as before, this gives moderate coverage. If you don’t have glaring blemishes to cover, just like me, I recommend that you wear it on its own. Otherwise, you can choose to wear it under your foundation for a effortlessly flawless effect.

I like that the formula glides on easily and is handy for touch-ups throughout the day. The formula also hydrates my skin and delivers a natural-looking finish that I love.

This is available in 2 shades : 20 Beige, 12 Beige Rosé, and retails at SGD82.