One of life’s simple luxuries for me is having some quality bonding time with my Mum, who has appointed me as her DIY beautician who takes care of her spa appointments and the occasional facial mask at home. With the responsibility of playing such a key role, I was, needless to say, excited when I got my hands on a box of est.lab VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Masks from Estetica Beauty.

For me, the weekly ritual of doing a facial mask is an integral part of my “recovery” Sunday routine to ward off the draining effects of the dreaded Monday blues. Not only does a good mask serve to give your visage a gentle lift, it also does the same for your psyche, imbuing your entire being a sense of restfulness. Call it a placebo effect, but those who have some kind of beauty or wellness routine might share similar sentiments.

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The product

Having tried several brands of facial masks in the name of work as a former women’s magazine writer, I’ve inevitably been spoilt by some of the brand name products I’ve had the privilege to try, such as For Beloved One, Shiseido and La Prairie. What I’ve observed that good masks share in common is how they fit like they’re tailor-made for the wearer. How well the mask fits over your facial contours has quite an impact on how much your skin looks after that.

Est.lab Vitalift A Brillage Nano Biocellulose Mask

It’s heartening to know that Estetica prizes this attention to detail by using nano-grade organic fibres for the VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Masks to seal in the generous formula for optimal penetration into the skin’s deepest layers.

Made with key ingredients Bifida Ferment Lysate, a DNA repairing agent and the super hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, the VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Mask packs on a host of benefits from cellular repair, anti-wrinkle, firming and antioxidant to deliver an effect that’s said to resemble Botox. With 25ml of formula sealed between two protective sheets, the gel-like texture of the mask was a refreshing change from less well-made masks, which tend to drip upon removing it from the packaging. Another plus is that after the recommended 20-30 minutes of application, there was no residue left on my face, which felt tenderer and slightly springier to the touch than usual.

The result

I could safely say that after just one application, my complexion was glowing the next morning! My makeup also glided on smoother and led to a flawless look, which kept my spirits high throughout a long workday. As for my Mum? This mask further reassured her of my status as the resident beautician. Looks like I won’t be fired by her anytime soon!

The est.lab VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Masks retail at SGD98 for a box of 6 sheet masks, available at Estetica Beauty.