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Spa Botanica has done it right again. After launching the Botanica Bamboo Massage just last year, the luxury spa has recently introduced a new treatment – the Herbal Compress Massage. Just like the Bamboo Massage, this treatment aims to soothe muscles with the help of heat and I must say it’s an element that I enjoy very much.

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The newest treatment by Spa Botanica is actually an upgrade from its signature East-West Blend Massage. Using the techniques from the East-West Blend Massage, the therapist also administers a compress that is in the shape of a ball, made up of a herbal blend wrapped with muslin cloth. I was told that this blend consists of Kaffir lime leaves, Javanese grapefruit, but the rest of the contents remain as a “secret recipe” that the spa doesn’t reveal.

Entering the treatment room, I was intrigued by a heater where the compress was steaming gently on. The heat of the compress can be adjusted based on your preference. I love how the aroma fills the room, creating a soothing environment that pave the way for the treatment later. The aroma is very subtle, though, so I’m quite sure almost nobody will find it unpleasant.

The treatment begin with a breathing exercise, where I took in the scent of an essential oil blend made up of eucalyptus and ginger. These two essential oils have the ability to soothe muscles, improve blood circulation and help with detox. The same mix of oils will also be used on my body for the massage later.

If you’ve tried the East-West Blend Massage by Spa Botanica, you’ll probably know it’s adeep massage that targets at different pressure points that thoroughly unkink the knots in your muscles. Coupled with the heat and herbs of the compress, it helps improve microcirculation and energy flow in the body.

I especially love how deep the strokes are and how the heat and herbal contents of the compress help to soothe and calm my muscles. Every stroke becomes intensively pleasurable and therapeutic.

I will definitely recommend this if you are looking for a efficacious massage that helps to relax tension in the muscles, as well as in the mind. The Herbal Compress Massage is a two-hour treatment is available at S$280++. The price includes the complimentary use of the garden spa’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the mud pools, float pools with cascading waterfalls, labyrinths, steam baths and Vichy showers. You should definitely set aside some time to enjoy the facilities because you can’t really find the same amenities in other spas in Singapore.