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Kiehl’s launch of the Aromatic Blends collection last year was commendable and this year, they continue to impress with the Patchouli & Fresh Rose.

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Kiehl’s Patchouli & Fresh Rose Natural Spray

As usual, the packaging is elegantly minimalistic; the fragrance is contained within a transparent glass bottle with raised embossing. True enough, it reflects the no-fuss apothecary nature of the ingredients that Kiehl’s is famous for focusing on.

Kiehl's Patchouli & Rose

This is not one of those perfumes that invade and overwhelm the senses at first sniff. However, the perfume leaves a strong first impression, exuding the fresh scent of the Rose Centifolia. It radiates vibrancy and perfectly balances out the more masculine woody fragrance of the deep base notes of Patchouli.

There are also hints of citrusy scents like Bergamot and Mandarin that reinforce the fresh scent of Rose Centifolia, while the Patchouli is again complemented with more musky scents. Crafted with a mere 2/3 of the ingredients found in typical fragrances, the Patchouli & Fresh Rose formula is well-concentrated and the result is an extremely pure scent, free from annoying chemical smells.

The fragrance’s staying power is pretty impressive, lasting about eight hours before there is nothing more than a slight lingering scent. By evening, the scent has more or less receded to its base notes of Patchouli. The fragrance takes on a sultrier quality and remains elegantly feminine.

Female friends have commented on my obvious change in perfume, proving how unique the smell is. However, I will unlikely be wearing it to a more enclosed space such as a small office, as the scent might prove to be a lot stronger. As far as perfume goes, I think we should keep our fragrances within a reasonable radius of ourselves. However, it is definitely a perfect fragrance for making a great first impression for an event like a first client meeting – it’s subtle yet strong in its own way, perfect for the independent working woman.

The fragrance (SGD82) is also accompanied by a similar-scented body cleanser (formulated without sulfates, at SGD33) and body lotion (SGD43).


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