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You may already have a comprehensive whitening regime but sometimes, a booster may be what you need to get more instant results to prepare yourself for an important day out.

Lancome Beauty Institute

Source: en.parisinfo.com

Lancome Blanc Expert series is known for its whitening efficacy. In fact, the French brand has just launched two new products – the icon Blanc Expert Melanolyser spot eraser that now has an improved formula that sustains spot-fighting results, as well as the Sun-Loving Zone Masks that intensively treat and protect the the cheeks, nose and undereye area – regions on the face that are more prone to UV damage.

At the Lancome Beauty Institute, the Melanolyser is at the centre of its Whitening Treatment. The brightening treatment uses an ultrasound to enhance the efficacy of the Blanc Expert products used during the session to reach out to the dermis layer of the skin – something that products alone is unable to do. This treatment targets at spots, as well as help detoxify skin and drain toxins so that overall translucency and radiance of skin can be achieved.

During the treatment, you can look forward to massages that include stretching that help to relax you and are also designed to work together with the products to give a better overall experience. Harnessing the effects of chromotherapy, the cocoon cabin takes on a calming blue light that enhances the whitening effect.

The treatment starts with the cleansing away of makeup (though I only had tinted sunscreen on), and exfoliation, as with most facial treatments. While extraction is not part of the normal procedure, my therapist asked if I’d like to have that done, and I agreed to it. Besides this, my therapist also offered to help me trim the brows.

The highlight of the treatment is Lancome Derm Crystal and Melanolyser are used together with an ultrasound machine to enhance the efficacy of the products. The process felt like a very gentle massage on the face and was very pleasant.

The 90-minute treatment completes with a Blanc Expert full face mask, and the Blanc Expert skincare regime. My session was done at the new Lancome Beauty Institute Grand Copthorne Waterfront, where they partner with J’s Salon to provide customers with complimentary hair touch up services after the treatment. If you’re heading off to somewhere important after that, the Lancome beauty consultants will also be there to help you with makeup.

I was lucky enough, though, for J’s Salon to offer me a hair treatment. I’ve been acquainted with the boss at a previous event and she asked her staff to, in her words, “pamper me”. The much-needed hair treatment left my hair feeling soft and smooth, and “lighter”. I’ve made a mental note to visit the Grand Copthorne Waterfront outlet again in the future, should I want a one-stop beauty treat.

The 90-minute Lancome Whitening Treatment is available at S$280.