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L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert recently launched a new product – Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Cleanser Solution.

Yes, volcano – that mountain that spits fire.

What you may not know volcanic mineral is actually known for its anti-bacterial qualities. The product targets common Singapore men’s skin problem – enlarged pores, oily and acne-prone skin. The three key ingredients: Volcanic Mineral extract (remove sebum and purify pores deeply), Salicylic Acid (prevent appearance of pimples) and Peppermint Extract (soothe redness) work together to deliver matte and cleansed skin.

This cleanser has a literally red appearance and foams into pinkish-white after applying on wet face. Skin feels cool and comfortable as this cleanser contains peppermint leaf extract. I also like the scent of the cleanser.

After just one wash, skin feels clean and matte. The gentle ingredients of the cleanser also means that it does not over-dry the skin.

Loreal Paris Men Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Cleanser Solution And Hydra Energetic Enriching Gel Quench Max

I also gave the L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic a try, which is a great complement to the Volcano Red Foam. After cleansing, you are to tone your skin, then apply the moisturiser. Daily Vanity’s editor is going to protest and sit me down for a pep talk, but sometimes I just go straight into moisturising without the toning.

So what makes L’Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic so unique? In Singapore, we are either hot under the sun or in the air-conditioned environment in our office, or taking the MRT. Our skin often feels dehydrated, uncomfortable and become oily. L’Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic is the solution to the Singaporean skin as it helps our skin to feel fresh and cool. This non-oily moisturiser constantly hydrates our skin 24 hours! Its formula is rich in minerals from the French deep sea water and is enhanced by the latest L’Oreal Mattifying Technology to absorb oil and sweat. I especially like the icy sensation it leaves on the skin after application.

While a good skincare regime involves the three basic steps: cleanse, tone, moisturise, I’m going to answer what’s on every guy’s mind. Which of these two products do I like more? I’d probably say the cleanser, because I find it more effective and more unlike others in the market.

The L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam retails at SGD10.90 and the Men Expert Hydra Energetic Quench Max retails at SGD23.90.

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