An ombre hairdo done at the salon can easily set me back a few hundred dollars so I was super psyched when I heard that L’Oreal Paris had just released the first-ever Ombre Gradient Hair Dye kit.

loreal ombre hair dye 1

My goal was to achieve the “sombre hair” – it’s like ombre hair, but more subtle and the arrival of this hair dye kit was the perfect timing for me to experiment with this look. The sombre hair trend has been championed by celebrities like Lea Michele, Cara Delevingne and Jessica Alba.

How to use the L’Oreal Paris Ombre Gradient Hair Dye Kit?

1. Part your hair into two sections from the back

Tip: Be careful not to leave out any strand of hair especially if you have shoulder-length hair like mine. I suggest using a big hair clip to set everything in place.

2. Squeeze the hair dye evenly onto their patented applicator brush

loreal ombre hair dye 2

3. Apply on hair using the brush

loreal ombre hair dye 3

Tip: Make sure the bristles of the brush face upwards to prevent the product from dripping. And to get sombre hair, start from the ends of your hair, using the brush vertically, work upwards for a softer look

4. Allow a development of between 25 to 45 minutes depending on your desired intensity

5. Wash with warm water and the conditioning shampoo provided in the kit.

The result

loreal ombre hair dye 4

What do we think?

If you’ve been wanting to try this look for a long while but you are on a tight budget, this kit is ideal for you. The hair kit is really easy to use and it contains everything that you need. This hair kit is the closest I have come to achieving an ombre hairdo at the comforts of my home and without feeling a pinch in my wallet.

However, if you are planning to have this hairstyle for a major event, stick to the salon – that’s because even the simplest hair dye kit can still be pretty challenging to work with, especially if you’re a novice.