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I’ve spoken to a lot of women who love beauty, but while they stock up on lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and even foundation, I’ve never heard any saying that they obsess over blushers.

But you know what, with these new cream blushers from Make Up For Ever (MUFE), you probably should. Besides their super sleek packaging, as with all of MUFE’s products, they also have a wide variety of colours to choose from and have great texture (also as with all of MUFE’s products).

There are sixteen shades in the range, but here are five we’ve been sent for review.

Our First Impression

Swiping the swatches on my arm, I thought that the combination of oil and pigment of the palette makes it super easy to glide on. They also have great colour payoff, with buildable coverage.


Looking at just the swatches, it’s easy to assume that #220 Pink Sand and #410 Coral are the easiest to carry off, while #425 Brown Copper can be a little tricky. However, wearing the blusher on the cheeks proves a surprising conclusion.

Do We Like It?

If you look at how they look on my cheeks, you’d notice that all of them look really natural. Yes, even #425. In fact, the slightly tanned shade makes gives it that bronzing effect for me.

Note that I also wore the blusher on my lips. (No, they’re not designed for that! But I just wanted to see how moisturising it is. The answer? Quite.)






I think the fact that the colour is buildable means that you can start with a lighter hand and then increase the intensity of the colour till it looks exactly the way you want it. I also love that while it is oily enough to glide and blend, it doesn’t leave a greasy sheen like some other cream blushers, while retaining the long-lasting quality of creams. I really recommend using your fingers for the application because it can really offer a very natural-looking flush. But if you prefer, you can always use a rounded brush for this.

So if you’re looking for a new product to obsess over. I say, go ahead and get one of these. Or maybe two, or three.