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55 minutes = 5 hours in gym. Demi Moore’s secret to keeping toned and svelte. Pampering session with maximum benefits.

Now, with promises such as these, it’s no surprise that Daily Vanity was really intrigued by the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment, offered by The Spa Artisan. This new equipment that the luxury spa has brought in combines two technologies: the Infrared Technology to intensify metabolism and calorie-burn, as well as stimulate collagen production; and the Ionization System that helps reduce the feeling of fatigue, improve respiratory functions and is a mood-booster.

I went for a trial that began with an in-body analysis, telling me my fat and muscle composition, and basic metabolic rate, matching it to the average, healthy standards, and thus, drawing a conclusion on what I should be working towards (how much fat to burn and how much muscle to build). Raye was my consultant and he was knowledgeable without being intimidating. He gave me a well-rounded consultation, which was supplemented by questions regarding my lifestyle on top of the in-body analysis results. He was able to answer every fitness, diet and weight management question I had (and boy, did I ask him lots of questions!), and his professionalism made me feel at ease and comfortable, even though he is a man.

After the analysis, we moved to the treatment room, where a female therapist took over. I changed into my bikini, threw on a bathrobe, and waited for her to pick me up. It is recommended that as little clothes as possible is worn during the course of treatment for the best result to kick in.

The treatment began, surprisingly, with a pampering foot soak – something that I don’t really see in most slimming treatments. My therapist explained that this helps with disinfection, and at the same time, relaxes the client so she/he will feel more uplifted. I really like this approach because it makes the session appear more like a pampering spa treatment.

Thereafter, I lay on the bed of the PowerSlim machine, and the therapist switched on the equipment to get my body warmed up and pores opened. The light was rather bright, but I was given a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare. After a short period of exposure, I turned around such that my back was facing up to ensure that every part of the body was taken care of. My body felt slightly warm but it was definitely bearable – think of a sun-tanning experience at the beach, but without the discomfort of the sand, and definitely no tanning. The infrared technology has been designed such that there will be no UV exposure on your skin.

Spa Artisan Powerslim Treatment

Then, the therapist applied Velvet (a cream that enhances the efficacy of PowerSlim) onto my thighs and arms – areas that I mentioned I’d like to focus on. She also put adhesive electrode pads onto my tummy (another area I wanted to focus on). I was once again pushed into the machine, wore my sunglasses, as I watched an episode of Friends on the TV and waited for the machine to work its magic.

The pads that were on my tummy were used to deliver electrical impulses to the area so that the nerves will be stimulated and muscles contract. Think of it as abdomen training – in fact, because of the heat and the contracting motion of the electrical impulses, I felt exactly like how I’d have felt if I had been doing sit-ups. But of course, it was a lot less tiring.  The process helps to burn fat cells for energy, and at the same time, releases toxins and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The deep muscle stimulation also helps to tighten and tone skin, as well as improve microcirculation.

I worked up a sweat at the treatment and felt really refreshed and rejuvenated after that. Note that I was told not to shower in the next two hours or so because my body will continue to have heightened metabolism and fat burn, thanks to the treatment. My body felt more toned – my pencil skirt rested more comfortably on my hips. The next day, I felt a slight strain on my calves, like how I would have felt after a run in the previous day. I’m not entirely sure if the (good) strain is caused by PowerSlim, but I have a knack that I could attribute to it.

The PowerSlim IMPACT treatment is available exclusively at The Spa Artisan, located at The Fullerton Hotel. Each 75-minute session costs SGD298++, but first-timers get to try it at SGD98 nett.