Think SK-II and you’re likely to think of the Facial Treatment Essence, its classic product. In the more recent history of the brand, Stempower, a firming moisturiser has definitely gained a lot of prominence and has also attained a reputable status within the brand.

Sk Ii Stempower Rich Cream

Now, SK-II launched Stempower Essence, an essence that is also formulated with the Stem-Acanax complex, the star ingredient in Stempower. When used together, the duo promises to increase the penetration of skin active ingredients by 200% more, as well as 200% increase in hydration levels. These are compared to using just Stempower alone.

Does Stempower Essence work?

I used the duo for about two weeks to see if it has any effects on the skin. I’ve used the Stempower on its own before, and love the velvety texture and the bounce that I can see in my skin after using it faithfully. The Stempower Essence has a smooth and lightweight texture that leaves the skin feeling soft immediately. I see some resemblance between this texture and that of the Cellumination Essence EX.

The immediate effect that I achieved using the Stempower Essence and Stempower is that my skin feels hydrated and smooth. As such, fine lines caused by dryness are visibly eliminated.

After around two weeks of usage, coupled with facial massages that I do on my own, I noticed that my naso-labial lines (or laugh lines) become less visible and my pores looked more refined.

I won’t say that the results are phenomenal, but it’s definitely promising.