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This is not the first time The Body Shop has featured honey in its products. A few years ago, they launched the Honey Bronze collection, featuring beautiful bronzers and shimmering oil, and is personally, one of my favourite collections from the brand.

The Body Shop Honeymania

Now, The Body Shop launches Honeymania, a collection of luxurious body care products that contains community fair trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. And this range is super extensive! It consists of the Soap (SGD6.90), EDT (SGD32.90), Shower Gel (SGD12.90), Bath Melt (SGD24.90), Body Scrub (SGD30.90), Body Butter (SGD30.90) and Lip Balm (SGD10.90).

Of them, my favourite is probably the Body Scrub and the Lip Balm.

The Body Scrub has a texture that’s coarse enough to make me feel “scrubbed”, yet fine enough to not make my skin feel raw or look red after shower. This body exfoliator helps to remove dead skin cells on my body and even stimulate skin surface microcirculation, leaving my skin feeling much smoother than before.

The Lip Balm has a creamy texture that feels really good on the lips (just resist eating it because it smells so yummy!) and thanks to the natural hydrating properties of honey, it also helps to keep lips smooth and hydrated.

The Bath Melt actually looks like it has a lot of potential too. It is supposed to produce creamy bubbles in the bath, but unfortunately, I don’t have a bathtub at home so I can’t quite test this out. I’d be sure to bring it along when I get to stay in a hotel with a nice bathtub, though!

While the scent of the products can be really overwhelming if you take a whiff directly from the pot or bottle, however, when they’re performing their intended functions, they actually smell really sweet and pleasant.

The collection is already available in all The Body Shop.

Note: Products are not designed for consumption.

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