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To me, luxury is about an all-rounded experience. The difference between a luxury hotel and a regular one is usually in the details that the former pay to its patrons.

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Rebel Nudes Lipgloss

The YSL Rebel Nudes lip glosses are precisely the luxury item every beauty junkie covet. The entire experience with it begins from the beautiful box that encases the product. It comes in a highly-reflective golden box that’s signature to all YSL product.

Retrieving the lip gloss from the box, I was greeted its gold-and-black packaging that has a window that reveals the colour that it encases – a practical touch to help differentiate my many YSL lip glosses, yet not compromising a bit on its sleek and opulent appearance.

I twist open the rectangular cap and see a slightly bent doe-foot applicator. I’d be showing you later in this article why this design works well as a lip gloss brush.

The formula

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Rebel Nudes 1

But the luxury didn’t end at just the exterior appearance. The real luxurious experience actually begins at the first application. (I couldn’t stop raving to Keith right after I applied it.)

First, I was surprised by how soft the applicator was. It caresses my lips very tenderly while it delivers really intense colour to my lips – very interesting, considering how these lip glosses are actually nude.

The next thing I noticed was how smooth the application was. The formula (with the help of the brush) glides onto my lips very smoothly, and leaves no sticky feeling (my pet peeve for lip glosses). Instead, it feels highly hydrating and silky, a condition that continues throughout the day. I was able to abandon my lip balm and simply top up with more gloss when the colour wears out.

This is apparently thanks to four components in the formula that were combined for the first time in lip colour, namely: ethylcellulose (a coating agent found in most edible tablets to give shine), pure water, ultra-glossy siliconized oils and emollient oils, forming the Lifeproof Colour Emulsion formula.

This technology works in three stages: when applied, the water evaporates and gives an instant cool fresh effect. Then the drops of silicone rise to the surface of the film to form a siliconized surface layer that is non-sticky and extremely shiny. Finally, the little drops of oil come together to form a resilient honeycomb-like structure.

I really love that long-lasting film-like sensation that the lip gloss provides and snugly cling to my lips.

Our Favourite Colours

Of the colours we received, we picked out three that we really love. The first is the #101 Nude Provocateur. A brown-tone nude gloss, this adds a subtle sheen to my lips to make them look more pouty than they usually seem.

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Rebel Nudes 3

The other one that got my favour is #109 Fuchsia Fugitive. A pink shade with hints of gold, it is perfect for a fiery touch to the lips, whether worn on its own or just at the centre of the lips on top of lipstick. This shade is best complemented with a peach-tone blusher.

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Rebel Nudes 2

Our favourite is probably #108 Violine Out Of Control. This is a violet shade which has such intensity it can easily rival some lipsticks.

How to apply YSL Rebel Nudes lip gloss

As I mentioned just now, the bent doe-foot applicator makes the application so much easier.

When bent downwards, the applicator fits on the lower lip perfectly. The applicator is built such that you can easily swipe the gloss onto the lower lip easily and the cupid’s bow without smudging with ease.

The colour is buildable, so you can apply a few more layers to get a more intense colour.