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When it comes to brow products, Shu Uemura’s hard formula certainly comes to mind as one of the most well-known and loved product. Its unique “naginata” samurai sword shape doesn’t just reflect a part of its Japanese heritage, but also allows precision for well-defined brows.

Knowing that, whenever a friend asks for a recommendation for brow pencils, hard formula is always among the ones that I suggest.

Now, it seems that I have to put another Shu Uemura product into this list. The new brow:sword was such a joy to use, I was surprised something else can top my list so quickly.


This is the first pre-shaped naginata brow pencil and that you can dispense more simply by turning it.

But what is even more amazing about this product is it has many “secret compartments” to it: pull out the cap to reveal the formula, twist off the bottom cap and it comes with a sharpener, pull off the bottom cap and a brush is there, and pull of the part that holds the formula and you’ll realise that this is refillable.
shu uemura brows sword review shu uemura brows sword review

Wow. C’mon, this is not just a normal “sword”, it is a kusanagi*!

I can’t decide which is my favourite “function” of the brow:sword because all of them add convenience to my life. Now, I don’t have to hold a brow pencil in one hand and a brush on the other – I simply use one end and turn over to use the other one when I do my brows, feeling very much like a skilled martial artist.

shu uemura brows sword review

The in-built and discreet sharpener also means that I don’t have to use bring along a sharpener in my makeup pouch, particularly when I travel. I have a massive collection on my vanity table and it’s little wonder that sometimes I have trouble locating my makeup pencil sharpeners.

Finally, being able to refill the formula also means more cost-saving for me.

shu uemura brows sword review

When it comes to the actual usage, the brow:sword delivered beautifully too. Application was effortless and the strokes came off smoothly and naturally. I believe this is a product that even a brow makeup novice will find very easy to master.

See the photos below for how it looks. My right (your left) is filled with brow:sword.

shu-uemura-review shu-uemura-review2

The Shu Uemura brow:sword comes in five shades for Asian brows: walnut brown, acorn, stone gray, brown, and seal brown. It will be available from July 2015, and retails at SGD53 (case + refill) and SGD28 (refill only).

Besides brow:sword and hard formula, Shu Uemura also has a comprehensive range of brow products that are worth checking out: brow:ink to create shadow on skin below brows to give a 3D effect, eyebrow manicure to colour brow hairs, brow:palette for those who prefer brow powder, and a range of tools like tweezer, trimmer, and brush.

Shu Uemura, a pioneer in offering brow styling service at the counters, also continues to offer this service at SGD12, a price that has remained for the last 13 years.

*A magical sword, according to Japanese folklore.

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