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Traditional lacquerware is a huge part of Japanese artistry, and the most well-known techniques for making them is called “makie”, which uses silver and gold powder to add a beautiful shine to the products. Exquisite makie paintings and household items are held in high regards and are produced for court nobles and the royal family.

I have to give you this background to set the stage because the lip gloss I’m about to review has everything to do with makie; it is inspired by it.

Working with Yamada Heiando, a famed lacquerware brand that produces items for the Imperial Household of Japan, Shu Uemura launches Laque Supreme Shimmer, which combines scintillating gold and silver powders in its formula, inspired by the Japanese lacquerware makie.

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Did I like it?

shu uemura lip laque
In terms of its appearance, I like its understated packaging that has a window that allows me to see the colour of the lip gloss though. There’s also a very subtle and pleasant scent to the formula, which adds to the usage pleasure.

shu uemura lip laque wand

It comes in a ergonomic-shaped brush that helps me apply the formula smoothly. Within one swipe, I was able to get a lot of product evenly on my entire lip, and if I’m not looking for a lot of precision and just want a bit of colour, I could have simply dab my lips together and be done with the application. For a precise application, it takes me just about three to four swipes. The tips are tapered, so you can do very precise contouring around the cupid’s bow and at the corners of the lips. I’m very impressed by how the brush helps to pick up so much product, and yet release just the right amount of it, evenly across the entire lip. The formula also feels very refreshing on the lips, thanks to its water-based formula.

shu uemura lip laque swatch 1

The vivid colour stays on for a long time. I had an aglio olio for lunch that day I wore this the Laque Supreme Shimmer, and I expected the olive oil from the food to smudge the formula. Interestingly, the colour didn’t budge a bit. They were all removed only when I cleaned my lips after the meal with a piece of tissue paper. While it transferred to the cup that I drink for, the tint that’s left behind on my lips is still vibrant enough to not require any touch up.

The product’s longevity can be attributed to its cutting-edge formula that transforms from an oil-in-water emulsion to a honey-comb structure. This structure gives better adhesion and thus, stronger durability.

shu uemura lip laque swatch 2

I also really love how the product looks on the lips. It looks velvety and in a gorgeous colour as base, and the gold and silver powders are obvious when you take a close look. These sparkling powder helps add a glamorous glow to the lips. I am wearing the shade Pearly Rose (CR 02 S).

There’s really nothing that I can nit-pick over, I am very satisfied with this lip gloss. Looks like it’s going to be the lip product I’ll be using every single day now – it’s definitely my new favourite!

The Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Shimmer retails at SGD42 from 1 March at all Shu Uemura stores and counters, and is available in eight gorgeous colours, including shades of coral, orange, and pink.


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