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Question of the day: Am I wearing foundation in this photo?

am i wearing foundation

The answer is NO!

Actually, I’ve been skipping foundation for quite a while now, on days when I’m just “too lazy” to do so. I also do that on days when I feel like giving my skin a break!

There are a few benefits to not wearing foundation that I eventually realised after not wearing foundation for a while:

  • If not removed thoroughly, foundation can cause clogging in the skin.
  • If priming is not done properly, smudged foundation is just not a good look. It gives the impression of “dirty makeup”
  • If you’re not picking out the right shade of foundation, you’ll suffer from what Keith and I like to call, the “ghost head” (i.e. your face is super fair but in a much lighter tone than your neck)
  • Less is definitely more – even Xiao Kai Lao Shi says so – so you should apply makeup that looks fresh and lightweight, such that skin still looks like skin. Skipping foundation is actually a great way to do so.

Well, I honestly don’t feel as confident about my skin in the past as I did now because my skin lacks radiance, no thanks to late nights, stress and fatigue. And then SK-II invited me for the Foundation Got Or Not Challenge, to use the SK-II Cellumination Essence EX for a month.

Sk Ii Challenge Sk Ii Cellumination Essence Ex

The Cellumination Essence EX is formulated with SK-II signature ingredient, Pitera, as well as the Pixel White technology, that’s formulated after scientists spend lots of time understanding the relationship between light and skin. The formula has a luxurious texture that absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth immediately. I like that it has a pleasant scent that makes the experience even sweeter. I use this with the Facial Treatment Essence and Deep Surge EX as moisturiser.

Sk Ii Foundation Got Or Not Challenge

I went to do the SK-II Magic Ring before the start of the challenge, which diagnosed my skin age as 23 years old, with my spot control performing the best (at 19 years old!). Our skin age and chronological age are different in that, you can be young but has skin that is more reminiscent of an older person, and vice versa.

After the challenge, while my results remain more or less the same, I have noticed more radiance in my skin, and pimples are more under control. I typically get breakouts as a PMS, but this has reduced greatly, thanks to better sebum-and-water balance. I also enjoy looking at my skin a little more in the morning, because of how light bounces off from it even when I’m sans makeup.

If you’re hoping to achieve radiance, a more even skin tone, or more healthy-looking complexion, you should definitely check out this product.  It retails at SGD199 for 30ml SGD299 for 50ml. The 30ml bottle can last you for around one and a half month to two months  if you use it day and night.