SK-II scientists discovered that there’s a feedback loop between spots and skin damage – where spots formation damages skin, and the subsequent damage triggers the appearance of more spots. This newly discovered vicious cycle is the reason why spots are so tough to remove once it starts.

Sounds Scary! How Exactly Does It Happen?

When a spot forms, the skin around it becomes damaged, thereby causing a decline in skin turnover, a loosened basement membrane and chronic inflammation of the skin. This skin damage stimulates the mechanisms in our cells that produce melanin, and melanocyre cells to go into overdrive and overproduce the pigment, worsening the appearance of spots. As this cycle of spots damage perpetuates, it becomes increasingly heard to erase dark spots.

SK-II’s New Whitening Duo Aims To Break The Spots Vicious Cycle

Sk-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist & Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream

SK-II’s powerful Ultimate Spots Corrector, featured in the new Whitening Power Spots Specialist, is the result of five years of whitening technology research and development and does much more than just reducing spots. Touted as the most revolutionary spot-fighting technology to date, this acts on existing skin damage to prevent formation of more spots.

SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist

It offers a dual approach towards breaking the spots vicious cycle: repair existing damage to skin before it aggravates more severe spot formation, while brightening agents work to break the core of melanin pillars and reduce spot formation.

Companion to Whitening Power Spots Specialist is the new Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream designed to defend skin against daytime damage and lighten the appearance of spots immediately. It contains the Day Ultimate Spots Corrector, a complex that gradually releases vitamins for the skin when stimulated by UV exposure. The ingredients work toegther to protect skin from daytime damage and the formula adheres tightly to dark spots for an immediate brightening effect.

Did It Work?

I have to be honest – I don’t suffer from the problem of hyperpigmentation or spots. However, this regime is also great if you want to prevent spots from occurring, or for an overall brightening effect. As such, the Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream is probably more relevant to me than the Whitening Power Spot Specialist.

This Day Cream has a creamy texture, much like that of the SK-II Stempower, if you’re familiar with it. But unlike the Stempower moisturiser that gives you a firm and taut sensation after application, this leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and instantly brightened, thanks to the brightening agents in the formula.


However, do not expect that the brightened effect to stay with you just after one day of use. The instant gratification is just superficial. However, use it faithfully for a few weeks, and you’ll see that your complexion gets evened out gradually.

SK-II Whitening Power Spot Specialist, SGD176 (30ml), SGD158 (50ml), SGD339 (75ml) SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream SGD167 (25g)


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