Strange Beauty Tools Collage

1. Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light (SGD398)

Skin Inc released the Optimiser Tri-Light that claims to tackle different skin concerns with just one device. It has three LED light settings, each targeting different skin issues.

Strange Beauty Tools_Skin Inc

Red: Repair

Renew and repair damaged skin cells. Increase collagen and elastin production.

Blue: Soothes 

Alleviate acne, oily or congested skin. Calm skin sensitivity

Yellow: Glow

Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion

The Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light uses chromotherapy, which allows the lights to penetrate deep into the skin activating the light receptors in your skin cells which will help it to treat your skin according to what it needs. Pair it up with a water-based serum and you’ll allow it to really get into the deeper layers of skin.

What we think

It’s really bright! When you use it for the first time, you’ll feel like you need to wear shades. It also gives off a laser-like sound that you might get freaked out about initially. But not to worry, using this tool doesn’t hurt at all!

Skin Inc Tri Light 1

Skin Inc Tri Light 3

I used the Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light at night together with my Skin Inc custom blend serum. I used all three lights at different areas of my face, and used the light that I thought my skin needed most, the longest. When I had breakouts, I spent most of my time concentrating the red and blue light on those areas.


I noticed that when I wake up the next day after having used this device the night before, my skin looked fresher and it felt smoother. There was less redness than usual. The one thing about this tool is that it requires a fair bit of water-based serums (Skin Inc makes them too!) for it to glide smoothly – more than what you otherwise would have apply at one time.

You can purchase the Skin Inc Optimizer Tri-Light from Sephora, online, and their flagship store.

Verdict: A very bright tool that works, especially in the long run.
Our should-you-buy rating: 6/10 (It’s a hefty amount!)

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