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4. Color Me Foundation Applicator (USD72)

Color Me Foundation Applicator 1

This tool is designed to help apply foundation flawlessly with minimal effort. It fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, is travel-friendly, and works well with cream, liquid and powder products. How does it help blend out foundation? It vibrates.

What we think:

Color Me Foundation Applicator Collage

The initial feeling was rather odd because I didn’t have to vigorously move my hand to blend my foundation out. I placed some product onto the sponge applicator, switched the tool on and started going in circular motions to blend out my foundation. Bearing in mind that I used a significant amount of foundation, this tool blended it out flawlessly!

Color Me Foundation Applicator 3

Color Me Foundation Applicator 7

You can’t even tell I applied a lot of foundation!

I was pretty impressed. But I decided to take it a step further and tried to contour with it since the model on the box had a contour line. Unfortunately, the sponge applicator was not narrow enough to create a nice contour line on my face and nose.

Color Me Foundation Applicator 8

It created a thick, chocolate-like bar on the areas where my cheek contour was supposed to be and it made my nose contour look patchy.

You can get the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator online from Net-A-Porter.

Verdict: Great for foundation. Not so great for contouring.
Should You Buy It Rating: 6/10


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