I know how tempting it is for a bride-to-be to fuss over the perfect bridal gown, wedding venue and guest list. All of them take a long time to choose and plan. I’ve heard of brides losing sleep and even suffer from dark eye circles and breakouts right before the wedding, no thanks to the stress that comes with the preparation.

As people who run a beauty site, Keith and I knew that we cannot neglect our skin – after all, “looking our best” doesn’t just mean wearing the most flattering dress/suit on that day. It also means to have skin that glows from within so we’re confident to tell our photographer we have no “preferred profile”, and that she can just focus on capturing the most real and intimate moments on our big day.


Remember I mentioned about IDS Clinic, an aesthetics clinic that has a strong focus on its innovation of skincare products? In preparation of our wedding in three months’ time,I look forward to looking our best on the most important day of our lives with IDS Skincare.


Our first visit with its founder, Dr S K Tan, kick-started with a thorough consultation. We first took our photos with a skin analysis machine that magnifies the photo of our skin so we can scrutinise every possible issue. It also gives an analysis of our “skin age”. These photos don’t just help Dr Tan to give us his diagnosis, they also will be great for us to compare with our photos three months later to see how much our skin conditions have improved.

ids-keith ids-juliet ids-scanned-juliet ids-scanned-keith

Based on the photos as well as conversations with us, Dr Tan understood our needs, concerns and lifestyle. He then prescribe a series of products to help us get our basics right. I’ve visited other aesthetics clinics before, and I must say that Dr Tan functions quite differently from other doctors, because of his belief in how his products are going to make a difference on our skin, without having the need to begin with aesthetics treatments.


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Keith’s regime: Cleanser, Scrub, Oil-Control Toner, C Plus, Pore, A Plus and Sunscreen

My regime: Cleanser, Scrub, Purifying Toner, C Plus, Moisturiser and Sunscreen


Want to know how our skin fare after three weeks of faithful usage? Stay tuned to our update by clicking here!

IDS Clinic is located at #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center (that’s next to Oasia Hotel and near Novena Square). Call 6568-3555 to make an appointment.

Read more about IDS Clinic.

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