Created to mimic the effects of laser treatments, L’Oreal PAris Revitalift Laser X3 is formulated of Pro-Xylane, an active ingredient that you may find familiar (yes, it’s an important ingredient found in star products in Lancome, luxury brand under L’Oreal Group). This latest range from the French brand consists of a serum, moisturiser and eye cream, all promising to stimulate collagen and promote skin regeneration (just like laser treatments). The result of these is smoother-looking skin that’s visibly free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Another note-worthy point will probably be the ultra luxurious floral scent that accompanies the serum and moisturiser.

I have been provided with all three products to test but decided to begin with the eye cream. My eye concerns are dark under eye circles and cross-hatched lines under the eyes.

loreal paris revitalift x3 eye cream

Does the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream Work?

The product comes in a tube and a metal tip. How I use it is to squeeze the formula out onto the metal tip, and then apply it onto the skin around the eyes using the metal tip. The metal tip helps cool the under eye area and I find it very comforting. The coolness helps to alleviate puffiness in the morning quickly. I would think that it’ll also be great as a massage tool to drain away water retention around the eyes.

The formula is lightweight and absorbed easily onto the skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised and this helps to make cross-hatched lines less obvious upon application.

After using the product for four weeks, I’d say that it does diminish the appearance of lines around the eyes minimally and only just after application. If I were to forget about it for one or two days, the lines simply reappear. The product does nothing for the dark eye circles (then again, it’s not created to serve this purpose). I’d say that this is a great product to provide maintenance to the eyes, to help regulate its condition, rather than a great treatment product. It is also a hydrating formula that typically can only be found in luxury brands. So, for a fraction of the cost (at SGD37.90), you can actually enjoy similar benefits of a luxury hydrating eye cream.

Try it for yourself to see if it works for you. You can get samples of the new range from L’Oreal Paris’ Facebook page.