My skin condition was at its most cooperative in the whole of year 2016 when I went for Spa Esprit’s Star White Star Bright Facial treatment. It seemed to have found peace with a change of toner and BB cream; the breakouts stopped and my skin tone had evened out.

While I was pleased with my better-than-ever skin condition, without a “problem” for my therapist to tackle, how would this article turn out? Readers love dramatic before-and-after comparisons, but I doubted I would have any.

First Impressions

Spa Esprit has an outlet located on the fifth floor of The Paragon, which was the one I went to. It was furnished mainly by wooden furniture, giving off a rustic feel accentuated by the earthy scent of an essential oil burning.  They have another outlet at Dempsey Hill, but I found the Paragon branch perfect for a respite after an early afternoon of shopping on Orchard Road.


Upon arrival, I was greeted and led into the treatment room chirpily by the receptionist before my rather stern-looking therapist entered behind me. Secretly, I was slightly intimidated by her. While most therapists are eager to please, mine had a stoicism that reminded me of a principal.

No skin analysis tool?

However, I soon found out that beneath that stoicism lay a wealth of experience that made my therapist-principal the trainer of therapists at Spa Esprit.


While cleansing my face, my therapist used an upward circling motion for a lifting effect. 

After removing my makeup and settling me down with an aromatic head massage, my therapist shone a white light on my face to conduct a skin analysis. She spent a good five minutes or so gently prodding my skin, then proceeded to verify a string of skin- and health-related assumptions made from my skin with deadly accuracy.

You don’t have a very healthy digestive system, right? You have a lot of red veins around your nose, that is a sign of weak digestive health. (I suffer from post-meal bloats.)

Did you just recently get tanned? Your skin looks really burnt, but the damage seems rather new, the effects can be easily reversed… (I had just returned from a holiday to Bangkok the day before.)

She also noticed that I have really dry skin. Combined with my terrible habit of picking my pimples, this resulted in the roots being buried deep into my face as new layers of skin form over them.

I have been to many spas, and Spa Esprit is one of the rare few that did not use a skin analysis that seems to be the trend these days. Instead, they do it the traditional way: through trained, human eyes. This, I found effective in fishing out skin conditions that are more complex, other than the usual pigmentation, freckles, pores and dryness.

Extraction: The Best Yet

Careful to check my pain tolerance, my therapist suggested using a needle to pick out the deeply embedded pimple roots. I am not going to lie; it hurt a lot! But the results were amazing, and was well worth the pain to have my face cleared out of the junk it has been hosting for months or even years.

If you have the stomach to check out the junk that they have extracted from me,.

The pimples extracted from my facial with Spa Esprit were a bit bigger than usual, probably because they've been stuck in my face since goodness knows when!

Just a portion of the junk that was in my face. The pimples extracted from my facial with Spa Esprit were a bit bigger than usual, probably because they’ve been stuck in my face since goodness knows when!

I did bleed a little, but that was from the pimple that has made my nose its home for years. On the surface, it appeared as a big, white dot but was actually a huge pimple root buried by layers and layers of skin. I was just so glad it was finally being removed!

The treatment

Spa Esprit uses products by Doctor Babor, which hails from Germany. For the rest of the treatment, I was treated to a facial scrub and mask using Doctor Babor’s products.


I was left in the treatment room for a good 20 minutes for the mask to do its magic, and magically it disappeared into my thirsty skin.

How my skin reacted to the mask, in particular, proved just how thirsty my skin was. For the 20 minutes the mask was on my face, it absorbed every single drop of moisture, and left only a thin, oily layer of product. Even my therapist said this doesn’t usually happen to most of her customers.

The treatment ended off with a divine massage. That was something I loved about Spa Esprit – my therapist was not afraid to use a good amount of force in her massages. It targeted the correct pain points on my shoulders, and the tension in my scalp seemed to ease with each grasp she made.

In conclusion

Immediately after the facial, my skin definitely felt smoother, and more radiant. It was also more plump from the moisture that used to feel taut because of how dry it was.

Right after the facial, sans make up.

Right after the facial, sans make up.

As my skin was generally in a good condition even before the facial, I did not see a drastic difference in brightness or moisturisation a week on from the treatment. However, one lasting effect from the Star White Star Bright Facial was the extraction. The scabs healed in the next one or two days, and I was left with such smooth skin that I had skipped exfoliating my skin for that particular week! It remains my favourite part of the whole treatment, and I have to enthusiastically share this with friends who suffer from deeply-embedded pimple roots.

I have been hard-pressed to find a therapist who is  willing to be honest with her clients and advise them to bear with the pain as she picks at their skin with a needle. Most salons pride themselves as having the most “pain-free” extraction services with maximum results. But at the end of the day, good things don’t come without sacrifice, and I am glad mine was well worth it.

The 75-minute Star White Star Bright Facial treatment is available at SGD267.50, but first-timers enjoy a promotional price of SGD100 (from now till 31 August). Spa Esprit is located at #05-10, The Paragon and #01-03, 8 Dempsey Road.