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While I’m used to the notion of paying someone to cut my hair, paying someone to help me shave my sparse goatee seems absurd. Even more so when I can do it myself everyday.

But with trendy classy barber shops sprouting in Singapore, with appointments filled one month in advance, I told myself I have got to try it to find out what’s the hype about.

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The Hair Cut

I went for The Sultan’s Experience bundle which includes a hair cut and shave. Most men go to the barber with long enough hair to cut. With my recent bald shave in support of Hair For Hope and my wife, I was convinced styling me will be a serious challenge.

Jamie, a female barber at Sultans of Shave was my barber for the day. She was unfazed when I told her “I don’t think you can do much to my hair”; she immediately showed me some photos of what can be done.

I love that the chair was very comfortable and I don’t even need to get off it for the hair wash; you can adjust the seat and swing back to the washing bowl. The shampoo used on me was Baxter Peppermint, which exudes a strong mint and manly scent and makes the scalp feel very cooling (it’s not because I have lesser hair).




What I Love About The Hair Cut?

  1. Comfortable seat
  2. Great shampoo selection
  3. Barber is knowledgeable enough to recommend a hairstyle for me even though I have very short hair

What I Think Can Be Better?

Although the chair is comfortable, I wish the foot rest can be inclined further to allow me to stretch my legs to relax.

The Shave

While I dream of having manly facial hair like non-Asians, I’m glad I don’t have it so I don’t need to shave everyday. I know it’s quite an oxymoron.

The shave started off with Jamie giving me a facial wash. It was probably a good one minute of massage, which is the right amount of time required for a clean wash. The cleaning up feels really great as they used a damp towel to wipe off the residue instead of two small pieces of cotton pads which we usually get at spas. This is followed by her covering my entire face, less my nose, with a warm towel.


The initial heat felt like a mini sauna on the face, but within seconds I grew accustomed to it. This helped with the opening of pores that makes the shave cleaner. After removing the warm towel, she applied the shaving cream with a brush which felt rather rough. I was told the brush and cream will help lift the facial hair up, leaving a better, deeper shave.

The shave was smooth and ended fast. Before I know it, we are at the after shave part of the process.

Instead of jumping straight into applying the after shave balm, Jamie applied an after shave whisky to help prevent in-grown hair that may result in little painful swells around our moustache area. This is followed by another pampering warm towel covering my face.

Finally, she applied the after shave balm to help smoothen the skin and make future facial hair grow softer. The shave is only complete after she closes the opened pores by covering my face with a cold towel.

What I Love About The Shave?

  1. It’s really a pampering session with firm and well-pressed face and head massage.
  2. I feel refreshed after the shave

What I Think Can Be Better?

  1. I love people explaining to me what each step is for, so I know the benefits of it. While Jamie does her job well, I prefer to be told what’s each step and product for. But of course, if you are the kind who prefers to have peace while being pampered, you’ll definitely be happier with this fuss-free approach.
  2. The shave doesn’t seem clean enough. It could be because Jamie was being gentle with me. This is how it looks when you come up close, but from afar, it looks clean.


How Long, How Much, Where And Would I Recommend?

The hair cut and shave lasted for about an hour. I believe if I had more hair and facial hair, it will probably be 30 minutes longer.

The Sultan’s Experience costs SGD 120. If you prefer to just go for either the hair cut or shave only, it costs SGD 60 and SGD 68 respectively. They also have a bar area where alcohol is served, so you’d be happy to hang out here with your buddies.

Sultans of Shave is located at 11 North Canal Road.