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My mother bought a new pair of shoes recently while she was out shopping. Parading them in front of me and telling me how she got this at a steal.

“Are they comfortable?” I asked, looking suspiciously at the closed-toe heels.

“Very!” she exclaimed, reluctant to let me burst her bubble of this good buy.

The next weekend, we had to do lots of walking to look at the flat units prior to my selection in the same week. She, of course, was decked out in her new pair of shoes. But what I noticed was that her smile became weaker and weaker and she walked slower with each unit we visited.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“The shoes are cutting my heels,” she said wearily and sheepishly.

From then, she had a love-hate relationship with the shoes. She loved them and want to wear them out but the last experience had made her wary (and maybe weary) of them. This was when I received Blistop as a press sample.

“Do you have any plasters?” my mother asked, “I want to stick them on my heels. I’m going to give that pair of shoes another shot.”

I passed her Blistop instead. “I just received this to review. I don’t know if it works but it looks like you’re the best person to review it actually. Try it?”


She studied the bottle suspiciously, probably ready to call out the bull on this product, but still accepted my offer.

She came back from her 2-hour church event with a smile, “This is really strange. I don’t understand how Blistop works but I really didn’t get any blisters this time round. I’m going to keep this!”

This caught my attention. Wow. How does this spray work?

Reading up on it, it says that it’s a blister prevention spray that creates an invisible, elastic film-like barrier on the skin to protect the areas where friction can occur. This film is also water-resistant and micro-aerated so the skin underneath can breathe. In other words, it’s kind of like the plaster that we used to stick on our heels when we are afraid of blisters caused by new shoes, but it’s invisible and much more convenient (plasters that fall out or look crumpled are just messy and unglamorous).

To use it, shake well, spray it at a distance of 5-10 cm from the skin. If the area is covered, leave it to dry before putting on shoes or socks. Take note that you have to apply it onto dry skin and it can be re-applied as needed to give further protection from painful blisters.

I think this is going to get onto my list of party essentials, probably wedding and travel essentials too. Blistop is an innovation by Dermal Therapy and is available at Guardian, Unity, Watson, Sasa and other pharmacies at SGD11.90.