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When you think about facials, you’ll probably think about leaving with good-looking skin. While that’s always a good thing, it’s also important to feel good on the inside as well. That’s how I felt when I left Tara Bliss’ outlet at the Chan Brothers Building, at North Bridge Road.

A holistic spa experience

TARABliss Guest Area

Other than enjoying a facial or body treatment, founder of TaraBliss, Mimi Gay, felt that due to the the hectic lifestyle that most of us lead, it’s important to take some time to focus on ourselves. She also believes that reclaiming inner well-being is key to reclaiming our outer beauty.

TaraBliss provides facial treatments for acne, pigmentation, whitening, firming and lifting, detoxing, face contouring and densifying of the skin. They also have body pampering treatments and hair removal treatments. Not only that, they cater to men too! TaraBliss has a special treatment menu for men based on their skin needs.

The TaraBliss experience


Upon arrival, I was greeted by Mimi herself, who went on to share with me more about TaraBliss. The ambience in the spa was really calming and relaxing. Instead of recommending me a treatment straight away, she got her facial therapist to take a look at my skin before picking out a treatment that my skin needed.

The interior of the treatment rooms looked really simple and clean, but just like the guest area, it had the same calming scent and music. I did the OxyMed treatment where a machine was used to pump a high concentration of oxygen into my skin. As with all other facials, my skin was cleansed and prepped for the high-tech treatment. To further cleanse my skin, the facial therapist used another device to remove dead skin cells.

She proceeded on to do an extraction of my white heads, blackheads and pimples. This is the part I’m not a fan of at any facial, but it helps a lot, so I shan’t complain. After that came the main event – the oxygen treatment! Because of the high concentration of oxygen, it helped my skin to look more fresh and glowy. The facial ended with a mask and that was pretty much it! The treatment took around one and a half hours.

Overall thoughts


I was told that energy crystals are strategically placed in every treatment room to help balance and create a flow of positive energy. While I’m not a big believer in crystals, I left TaraBliss feeling oddly more positive than I did when I arrived. Not only did I have a good facial treatment, but the whole ambience of the place made me feel really good too.

Keep your cool (and your skin clear) at TaraBliss!

tara bliss summer

As it’s summer all year round in Singapore, the heat and humidity can negatively affect our skin. We’re prone to acne, greasy looking skin and sun damage.

Why not take some time off and rejuvenate your skin with TaraBliss’ signature facials together with the latest technologies. Here are some of the treatments that are recommended for our hot and humid weather!

1. Acne Treatment: Purification + , SGD380 for 90 minutes

2. Pigmentation Treatment: Lightening+ , SGD380 for 90 minutes

3. Whitening Treatment: Whitening+ , SGD380 for 90 minutes

4.  Firming & Lifting: Firming+ , SGD380 for 90 minutes

5. Detox: Detoxification+ , SGD380 for 90 minutes

6. Deep Hydration, SGD228 for 60 minutes

TaraBliss is located at –
452 North Bridge Road, Chan Brothers Building
Tel: 6336-9274

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri – 12nn – 9pm
Sat, Sun, & PH – 10am – 7pm