Happy Lunar New Year!

Tea is seen as a healthy beverage across several cultures. But in Japan, it is taken to an even higher level, with the practice of tea ceremony deemed as an important part of their heritage. Tea carries anti-bacterial properties, and is also rich in anti-oxidant. Drinking it gives you detox benefits, but guess what – it is also great for your skin.

The Body Shop launches the new Fuji Green Tea Range, which consists of eight products that are all made of the essence of pure green tea that’s found at the foothills of Mount Fuji, and are hand-picked leaves that are steamed immediately to retain their goodness.

Of the products, the star is definitely the Fuji Bath Tea (SGD39.90) that comes with an infuser (SGD12.90), and I tried this product to tell you if it’s worth the purchase.

How to use the Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea?


If you have made tea using tea leaves, you’d know that a sieve is important. The infuser serves as the sieve for the mixture of salt and tea leaves. Simply put as much of the mixture as you desire into the infuser, then hang the infuser from the tap of the bathtub. Alternatively, if a bathtub is not available, consider hanging it from the handle of the pail and scoop the infusion for a bath instead. I used a bathtub.

Did I like it?

I noticed that the salt gets dissolved very quickly, and the tea leaves turned the water into a light brown shade (this is probably dependent on the amount of product and water you use too). The water gives off a light scent that’s very pleasant.

I am very fond of warm baths and try to take one whenever I can. Warm water has a soothing effect on me, and a bath with The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea has an added calming effect. I feel very relaxed after the bath. What’s really great was that my skin also feel smooth and supple, and smelt really nice. This is a very pampering treat that I think I’d want to indulge in as often as possible.


If you’re going to check out the range, look out for the Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne (SGD28.90) and Body Scrub (SGD36.90) too. The range also consists of a Body Wash (SGD14.90), Exfoliating Soap (SGD8.90), Body Butter (SGD32.90), Body Sorbet (SGD21.90) and Body Lotion (SGD14.90). Three gift sets priced at SGD15.90, SGD49.90 and SGD89.90 will also be available for sale. The Fuji Green Tea Range is available at all The Body Shop stores.