Since I have a rather full beard, I’m always on the lookout for shaving kits that save me the trouble of nicking my skin. Good shaving kits don’t have to be complex, but they need to have shaving cream that softens hard facial hair for a smooth shave, a good application brush to lift stubborn strands of beard, as well as a soothing aftershave lotion that nourishes the skin. Does The Body Shop’s Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit do all that?

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How it feels

Shave Kit Teaser

The Body Shop delivers the Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit in a classy, understated package

The Christmas edition of the Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit looks great. It’s a beautifully-crafted box that looks like it was inspired by a Macbook Pro. Presented in a light aluminium box with smooth edges, it’s eye-catching without being too flashy.

Shave Kit contents

Inside the box: Maca root shave cream and razor relief aftershave lotion with a soft, synthetic applicator brush

Peruvian Maca root is the main ingredient used in products in the shave kit, and it’s known for delivering vitamins, as well as enhancing hormonal health.

The shave cream has a rich and slightly sticky type of texture that conditions and moisturises the skin while softening the facial hair.

Close up Mixing

A thick shaving cream like this requires some extra water before you lather

As you can see, the shave cream is thick and requires a bit of water mixed into it in order for the cream to lather properly. My advice would be to place a dollop of the cream into a bowl and add water before using the soft applicator brush to mix it into a nice, thick lather.

The shave cream feels nice and cool on the skin. I could see it quickly working to soften my rough beard, preparing it for the shave. Once it set in, I made swift work of my beard, removing it instantly and smoothly. While thick, the shave cream did not stick to my face and came off cleanly.


The aftershave lotion certainly worked on my raw, post-shaven skin

The aftershave lotion is a lifesaver. Whether you use a safety razor or a blade, your skin can feel raw after a shave. The Maca root razor relief lotion worked its magic promptly. I squeezed out a little bit and applied it across the lower half of my face, feeling instant relief from my discomfort.

Is it good?

Full set

A well-rounded men’s shave kit that nourishes the skin during and after the shave.

It’s a resounding “Yes” from me. If you know anyone looking for a good shave kit, this is the Christmas gift to get for him.

The Body Shop Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit (Christmas Edition) comes with a 200ml Maca root shave cream, a 100ml tube of Maca root razor relief aftershave lotion and an applicator brush. The entire set is retailing at SGD36.90.