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The Fancl Washing Powder is probably the most well-known product in Fancl. Who would have missed the raves given to this cleanser that comes in powder form and produces fluffy foam when lather? In fact, Daily Vanity named it one of our favourites in our best cleansers list some time ago. At an exclusive interview with Olivia Ong, the ambassador of Fancl, the song-bird also professed her love for the product. Now, is the new formula better than the previous one? We share with your our thoughts.

What’s different?

fancl facial washing powder i

Instead of a one-size fits all formula, the new Facial Washing Powder comes in two variants: Facial Washing Powder I for those with oily skin, and Facial Washing Powder II for those with normal, combination and dry skin. Like their predecessor, the product comes in the form of fine powder, that produces foam after lathering. Similarly, they’re free from artificial fragrance but doesn’t produce any unpleasant smell.

fancl facial washing powder ii

What I noticed was different however, for the Facial Washing Powder II is that the foam that it produces is much lesser. Don’t be surprised if it produces less bubbles than it did in the past. However, the new formula still leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, instead of tight, like some other cleansers in the market.

How to use?

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s always good to repeat this, because it is after all a unique product. Pour one teaspoon of the powder onto either your hands or the Fancl Foaming Ball or Washing Puff. If you’re using your hands, add water five times the amount of the washing powder, then lather to create foam. Gather the foam at the centre of your palm until the foam is dense and creamy. Then, gently massage foam onto face in a circular movement, rinse and pat dry with a towel.

If you’re using the Foaming Ball or Washing Puff, sprinkle the powder onto the device, add water, blend p0owder, then squeeze and release the ball/puff. Foam will be produced, which you can then massage onto your face in a circular movement, rinse and then pay dry with towel. The puff can be used to apply directly onto skin, but not the ball.

The Fancl Washing Powder retails at SGD28 per bottle (50g, approximately 60 washes), or SGD52 for two bottles.