How many dermatologists does it take to design a range of effective products? In the case of CNP Laboratory, it’s 50.

CNP Laboratory is one of Korea’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brands. Founded in 2000, it is the brainchild of 50 dermatologists from CNP Aesthetic clinic who designed products that will make great after-treatment homecare for their clients. CNP Aesthetic owns many renowned aesthetics clinic, including Le Medi, and are known to be patronised by Korean A-listers. Now, their skincare brand, CNP Laboratory, is available in Singapore.


One of the star products that will be available in Singapore is the Black Head Clear Kit (SGD14.10 for 3 sets of 2 masks). Unlike the usual pore strip that may help to remove blackheads but not “close” the pores after that, the Black Head Clear Kit by this Korean brand comes with two masks: the Hypoallergenic Black Head Clear Mask that can help lift unseen sebum to the surface of the skin (and then you can remove the blackheads after you take away the mask and roll cotton bud that comes in the package over the area), and also a Pore Tightening Mask to soothe the skin and to make sure that the appearance of your pores remain fine.

CNP Propolis-Energy-Ampule

Another bestseller that will be in Singapore is the Propolis Energy Ampule (SGD40.90). Propolis is also known as honey essence, and is known for its antioxidant and moisturising benefits. This ampule carries a potent amount of propolis, together with hyaluronic acid, to deliver strong hydrating benefits to the skin.


The Daily Peeling Foam (SGD48.90) is another product that’s worth mentioning. Unlike most chemical peels for home use that’s formulated with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), this uses PHA (polyhydroxy acids), a new ingredient used in peeling technology that’s so much more gentle that it can be used daily, even on sensitive skin. This means that you can get the effects of an everyday chemical peel without the harsh impact on the skin.

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Did it work?

We tried the Black Head Clear Kit and was quite impressed. Unlike the usual pore packs that are in the market, this one isn’t sticky, but adheres to the nose area like a sheet mask. It miraculously “sucks” out the gunk after a while, and unlike that of a usual pore strip where you’ll still need to squeeze out the blackheads that have not been removed but are on their “way out”, all you need to do is to roll the Q-tips that are provided over the area to get them off. In other words, there’s no pain or fuss at all. Just a tip: remember to tug your nose a little when you roll the Q-tip over. This will help remove more of the blackheads.



Most of the white and blackheads have been painlessly removed.

The CNP Laboratory products are exclusively available at Guardian Health & Beauty stores. There will be 20 products available initially, retailing at Guardian stores in ION Orchard, Paragon, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Vivocity, Causeway Point, Jurong Point, NEX, North Point and Parkway Parade. Subsequently, more products will be made available in all 30 Guardian retailers island-wide.