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Spending an entire night working in front of the computer to write and edit articles for the week is a common routine for me. This may be why I sometimes finish work at midnight, feeling like I need a massage to soothe my tired shoulders, and also a facial so I look radiant the next morning.


The only place that can fulfil this midnight craving is probably Huang Ah Ma, the Oriental Spa Chamber, which opens till 3am every day.


Its opening hours don’t just make sense for someone like me, it’s also convenient for those who wish to hang out with friends after work and then schedule for a spa session, for some well-deserved me-time.


And there is another reason now to visit Huang Ah Ma at night; it has launched the Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial, a late-night spa treatment that is designed to help patrons fully relax, cope with insomnia, and aid in promoting good health. In fact, I was told that this particular treatment is only offered after 5pm – which means, nobody can schedule it for a lunch-time session, lest you fall asleep in the office afterwards.

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Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial: The Process

The treatment begins with a foot spa, which is inspired by the bath routine of women in the Yao tribe. The tribe lives in the mountainous terrains of southwest and southern China, and its women are known to lead lives that are free from sickness and ailments. In fact, they’re traditionally able to go about their regular activities right after giving birth, thanks to their strong constitution.


The herbs used in the foot bath are speranskia, acacia, turmeric and a mix of rare Yunnan herbs, all working together to help alleviate insomnia, enhance blood circulation and improve overall well-being. On top of these, the hot bath also accelerates sweating, which can help expel toxins from the body.

Following the relaxed foot bath, the therapist pampers with a back massage to relax the body, so as to get it ready for the rest of the treatment.


Next, artemisia herbs (艾草) are burnt and placed on the navel and ear candling is done. The step is designed to open up the pores and to clear the 12 meridian blockages so that toxins can be expelled. This routine is also said to help improve micro-circulation, digestion, gynaecological issues and to alleviate fatigue and muscle ache.


The therapist moves on to the face, beginning with a facial cleanse, enzyme facial peel, and then a face massage.


The face massage is done using a steel ball that produced a soft tinkling sound. Four strokes are executed in the process:

Effleurage stroke – A soothing, stroking movement used at the beginning of the facial to
encourage lymphatic return
Drainage stroke – For lymphatic stimulation and drainage
Soothing stroke – To relax the muscle and skin
Shiatsu pressure – Help reduce stress

Then, a soothing chiffon aloe mask is applied to nourish and relax the skin. The treatment concludes with a hand meridian massage.

Did I enjoy it?

Spa treatments that are designed for both facial and body wellness aren’t common, and this is one that leaves my body feeling relaxed, and my skin smooth and firm after 90 minutes.


I love that the treatment began with a foot bath, which quickly set my body in the “mood” because it relaxed me immediately. I could feel my fatigue seeping away from my feet.

The face massage using the steel ball was definitely the highlight of the entire treatment because of how comforting it is on the skin. The tinkling sound, surprisingly, has a therapeutic effect on me. This massage also left my face visibly sharper after the treatment.


I definitely slept better after I got home from the treatment. And what I’m most pleased with: My skin looked a lot more radiant than it usually would the next morning.


The Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial is a 90-minute treatment that’s available at Huang Ah Ma from February 2015. It is recommended to be experienced after 7pm because the regime is designed for the skin condition and temperature at night. The herb blends and massage techniques are also designed to enhance cell recovery and rejuvenation, which are naturally enhanced at night.

Take note that it is not recommended for pregnant women and cancer patients, because of the herbs and techniques used. The treatment is available at SGD188, but it has an introductory price of SGD88 now. Huang Ah Ma, the Oriental Spa Chamber is located at 50 Mosque Street. Call 6536-1661 to make an appointment.

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