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While Singapore isn’t exactly the destination you’ll associate with skincare products, homegrown research organisation A*STAR has a lot to do with the latest – pardon the pun – star product by Laneige, Korea’s leading beauty brand. The new Perfect Renew Regenerator serum is born after a collaborative research by A*STAR and AMOREPACIFIC (the company that owns Laneige). The former is an expert in medical biology, while the latter holds an expertise in skin research, and this collaboration results in the development of the Skin Rebirth Technology.


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What is the Skin Rebirth Technology?

A*STAR discovered a gene called PYCR1, which supply intercellular energy in the body so that cells regeneration can happen. PYCR1 is a gene that intervenes directly with the process of skin cell ageing. The patented Skin Rebirth Technology works by using Galangin (a flavonoid from galangal root, which is a form of ginger) to effectively activate skin energy and metabolism rate of skin. On top of this, the technology also uses Advanced Ceramide Water to protect skin from being damaged by environmental aggressors. Advanced Ceramide Water resembles the natural moisture protective film of skin, so it’s very compatible with skin.

The scientific terms aside, the one thing that we would definitely want to know is what kind of results can we exactly see when we use products that carry this new technology: it promises moisturised, smoother, more radiant and youthful-looking skin.

If you have the appetite for more scientific facts…

Take a very close look at your hand, you’ll probably notice that your skin is formed by many small “triangles”. The research has shown that the clearer the structure of these triangles, the younger skin will look. The new Perfect Renew Regenerator serum promises to tighten the appearance of these triangles so that skin looks more youthful.

Do we like the product?

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The product has gel-like texture that is absorbed quickly by the skin. It is non-sticky and feels very refreshing. Skin feels smooth and moisturised immediately. On top of the luxurious experience using the product, I also notice that skin’s hydration level is boosted throughout the day. At the same time, after using it for approximately two weeks, I find my skin looking more radiant, and my T-zone doesn’t get as oily as before.

The Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator serum has been launched from this month onwards, and in the same line of product includes the Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, Emulsion, Eye Cream, and Cream.

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