Too Faced is probably best known for their delectable products that smell like chocolates such as the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and their famous Chocolate Bar Palettes (Original, Semi-Sweet and Bon Bons).


too faced chocolate bon bons

Other than its smell, the eyeshadows are of a great quality – they’re pigmented, buttery and easy to blend. Not only that, the series of palettes consists of neutral, wearable eyeshadow shades with a pop of interesting colour here and there just in case you feel like being more experimental with your eyeshadow look.

Just when we thought Too Faced was done with enticing us with yummy-smelling, good quality eyeshadows, they did it again by introducing the latest addition to their eyeshadow palette series – the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette! And they smell like PEACHES!

This new addition to the Too Faced family got sold out very quickly. The last we checked at some of the Sephora stores, we were told we won’t be able to find them anywhere in Singapore.

Thankfully we’ve been sent one by Sephora when it first launched and we thought we should do a thorough review for a product that’s been snatched up so quickly, so you’ll know if you should wait for it or try to get it through less orthodox means.

What we thought


Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, $76


Unlike its Chocolate predecessors, the sizes of the shadows in the Sweet Peach palette are all the same. This wasn’t a big deal to me but given that I’m so used to the layout of the Chocolate Bar palettes, it did seem a little odd. The quality of the eyeshadows in this palette are just as great as the others.

The one thing that stands out with this palette is the peachy tones that it carries. All of the shades in this palette are wearable and they’re easy to create an eyeshadow look with. But honestly, other than the superior quality of the eyeshadow, the main attraction of this palette is definitely its scent!

Swatches of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


Row 1, L-R


Row 2, L-R


Row 3, L-R

Looks you can try

Just a little back story, I naturally gravitate towards browns to use as a crease shade or a transition shade in my eyeshadow looks. I tend to start with a light brown and work my way up to the dark chocolate browns to further intensify my eye look. But in the looks I share below, I actually popped in an ORANGE shade into my crease! You’ll notice how much warmer it made the eyeshadow look.

Look 1: Warm Peachy Look

too faced sweet peach_makeup look 1 collage

Shades I used for this look:


  • Georgia as a transition shade
  • Candied Peach in the crease
  • Summer Yum to intensify crease/outer V area to create more depth
  • Bellini on the eyelids
  • Charmed I’m Sure & Puree on the outer V (to create more depth)
  • White Peach & Peaches and Cream as to highlight my brow bone
  • Luscious to highlight inner eye corners

Look 2: Warm Champagne Look

too faced sweet peach_makeup look 2

Shades I used for this look:

Everything is the same except for the lid shade. For this look, I used the shade Luscious on my eyelids.

Should you get it?

Yes, yes, and YES! The shades and peachy undertones of the Sweet Peach Palette is completely different from the Chocolate Bar Palettes and are actually more flattering for Asian skin tones. While the first two chocolate bar palettes are considered warm-toned (The Chocolate Bon Bons Palette is the most cool toned palette out of the “bar” palette series), the Sweet Peach Palette is the warmest out of the lot.

Too Faced Sweet Peach

It’s definitely something to have in your eyeshadow palette collection for its versatility and quality. If you’re new to makeup and you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette to start out with, this is a good one to get as it comes with 18 wearable shades that you can use to create from the most simplest to the most dramatic eye looks.

And come on, how can you say no to the smell of peaches while doing your makeup?!