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Every part of our face has a different need, I’m sure you would have noticed; for some of us, perhaps our forehead gets greasy faster than the rest of our face, zits are more prone to appear around our nose, and maybe the cheeks are drier than other parts of the face. Since every part is different, it only makes sense that we treat them differently.



The latest skincare trend to address this complexity? Multi-masking. This means to use different masks to treat different areas of the skin so you get a customised skincare booster.

Like many who have heard of it, I have not jumped right into it simply because it sounded too complicated and troublesome. But since I’ve been assigned the task of giving it a shot by the Daily Vanity editor, I had no choice but to took the plunge and came back with this report.

Before I begin, this is the profile of my skin: My T-zone tends to be a little oiler, certain parts of my cheeks can get a little dry, my forehead needs some brightening, and I will never say “no” to anything that promises to give me that V-shaped facial contour. 

For dry under-eye: Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum

Laura Mercier Eye Serum

This water-based serum aims to rejuvenate and stimulate the eye area by visibly brightening it almost immediately. The serum contains deep sea water, one of the key ingredients used to enhance metabolic reaction within the skin. Before putting any of the other masks on my face, I lightly pat this on to ensure that my eye area received the hydration it needs. Instantly, my eye bags looked less puffy and definitely greatly moisturised. If you prefer, you can consider using thinly-sliced cucumbers as a great alternative to brighten up the eye area and make your eyes look less puffy.

For oily T-zone: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I needed something that would help remove the sebum (henceforth known as gunk) in my nose and around my T-zone area. Innisfree’s Volcanic Mask does the job and more! The Jeju volcanic clay strongly absorbs the gunk inside the pores, leaving my skin feeling and looking clean. No wonder it’s the Korean skincare brand’s number 1 best-selling product! You need to try it for yourself.

For chapped lips: Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask

Laniege Lip Mask

I talked about getting rid of unsightly lines on your lips in using lip makeup products, and if caring for lips is a important concern for you, like it is for me, I recommend the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I love this product so much, you have to pardon me if you see me raving too much about it. 

Noone wants to have dry flaky lips, especially when you have lipstick on – you have to admit it looks unsightly. To combat this, slather on the lip sleeping mask before you go to bed and allow its berry-scented formula to waft you into dreamland. On top of how great it smells, this sleeping mask will gently dissolve dead skin cells. You will notice how smooth your lips feel the next morning, and you will be all ready to pucker up!

For parched cheeks: 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment

Bio Cellulose Treatment Mask

I like my cheeks supple. They take up a large part of my face and it would be really easy to tell if it were dry and dull-looking. To hydrate the skin on my cheeks, I used the Bio-cellulose Facial Treatment Mask from 111 Skin. I love the gel-like texture of the mask and how snugly it fits against the contours of my skin. When placed on my face, this mask immediately cools the temperature down and it is extremely refreshing to use especially on a hot, sunny afternoon. Upon my very first use, the gel mask has already shown effect, with my cheeks looking a lot more hydrated.

For wrinkly forehead: Hyaluronic Acid Super Hydration Mask by Mence


I have this horrid tendency of burrowing my eyebrows which has resulted in me having some fine lines around my forehead (I am only 23…) and that is why the hydration mask by Mence, is a must-use. This hydration mask has some pretty special properties. For one, it contains willow bark extract, which enhances skin cell renewal by enabling exfoliation. Because of this willow bark extract, fine lines can be smoothed. Of course, the results are not instantaneous but after prolonged usage, I am sure the difference will be visible.

For a V-shaped face: Klarity Lasertox V-line Shape Up


Having a pretty round face, one of my greatest wishes is to have a slimmer, more V-shaped face. Klarity V-line Shape Up Mask is a unique treatment that works to shape and lift facial contours. First I apply the firming cream provided in the packet and massage it into my face. I then attach the mask from one ear to another and my face instantly gets forced into a push up position. Having a very bad habit of drinking truckloads of water before I sleep means I always end up with a very puffy face. Well apparently, with Lasertox V-line Shape Up, water distribution in skin tissue is greatly enhanced reducing that puffiness!

This is how I looked like multi-masking


Maybe you will look silly (I know I definitely do), but hey, beauty comes at a price, doesn’t it? And I think it is a small price to pay (since nobody has to see you doing it), and you’ll definitely reap the benefits from the right beauty solution for every part of your face.

DV Tip

While this may not be something you do weekly, it should definitely be on the cards for a once-a-month face pampering session or anytime before a special occasion.