If you’ve been sharing the same hair products as everyone in your family, stop doing so. Everyone’s hair concerns are unique and this is why we need our own set of hair care products if we want to get serious about achieving gorgeous tresses.

We have recently been introduced to a new haircare range – URBAN Care, founded by Selen Yorgun from Istanbul. The Turkish beauty admitted that she was frustrated with the number of products she had to purchase to attempt to revive her damaged hair. “Each person has a different ‘problem’ on top of the damage hair”, she says. And this is why her range of hair products, while all formulated for damaged hair, also targets at other hair concerns.

URBAN Care founder, Ms Selen Yorgun

URBAN Care founder, Ms Selen Yorgun

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  1. URBAN Care range:

URBAN Care range:

URBAN Care Haircare Products

From left to right: Argan Oil, Biotin, Care Collagen, Care Intense

Developed in Turkey, the URBAN Care Haircare range uses Herbal Keratin Restorative Effect Technology to instantly protect and repair damaged hair. All URBAN Care Haircare products are also equipped with Lightweight Formula to help the products deliver their promised results without weighing the hair down.

URBAN Care Haircare Table

URBAN Care Haircare

Does URBAN Care products work?

Before treatment

Before treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment

At the media launch of URBAN Care Haircare in Singapore, I got to try the URBAN Care products at a wash and blow dry session. The URBAN Care Haircare products I used were from the Intense Keratin range as the hair-dresser concluded that I had very washed out hair (very true, my hair strands are very porous, hence dye jobs don’t usually last very long).

Tips: When washing your hair, do remember to massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers (don’t use your nails). That way, you can increase the blood circulation in the scalp to help with the absorption of the goodness of the products used.

The effects of the products used really shone after the blow-dry session. My hair was no longer looked limp, and had a healthy glow that was not present before the hair treatment session. While I only tried it in one session, if you ask me, I’d say the URBAN Care products are worth a shot if you are looking to customise your products to your hair needs without breaking the bank.

URBAN Care Shampoo (SGD14.90), conditioner (SGD14.90), and hair serum (SGD21.90) are available exclusively at Watsons stores.