Getting a gift for guys isn’t the easiest of tasks – after all, men are notoriously particular about things such as clothes, wallets or shoes. And there are only so many watches we can wear at once.

For those of you in the habit of getting something special for your other halves this Valentine’s Day, I understand the pain and I feel you (actually no, my wife feels you), but I’m here to help with some products I’ve personally tried – and think make excellent gifts for guys this Valentine’s Day. So without too much rambling, let’s get on with this!

1. HUGO BOSS “The Scent”

The first thing that comes to mind with this latest fragrance from HUGO BOSS is its air of mystery. With a badass bottle design and unique scent, The Scent (SGD128) screams maturity and manliness.

The Scent

Get a whiff of this and be greeted by a composition that’s both spicy and leathery, combined with the aphrodisiac ingredient from Africa – the maninka fruit. So yes, if you or your man loves floral fragrances, then this isn’t for you.

To me, this BOSS fragrance is something different from their usual offering, and makes a worthy gift for your guy this Valentine’s Day.

Top note: spicy ginger
Heart note: Maninka fruit fused with lavender
Base note: Burnished leather[sociallocker]

2. MTG Facial Fitness PAO

It’s debatable whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo is football’s most handsome man. However, what’s certainly true is his immense narcissism and vanity. So, perhaps a beauty product endorsed by the man himself can’t be that bad, right? Well maybe not, but just hear me out for a minute.

MTG Facial Fitness PAO

The MTG Facial Fitness PAO (SGD200) is a…thing… that trains facial muscles for enhancing smiles. It comprises of a mouthpiece with attached weighted bars on extended “arms” that swing up and down while the user bobs his head.

While it obviously cannot be determined if Ronaldo really loves or uses this, I can assure you – you will have lots of fun and laughter with it. And just remember that Ronaldo’s award-winning smile didn’t just happen overnight!

3. Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water-charged Gel Cream

I know most of you would probably struggle to get your other half to use such skincare products, but a Valentine’s Day gift would be a perfect excuse to exercise some lovely influence over them.

Lab Series Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream

This is essentially a hydrating anti-aging gel cream that fights wrinkles and visible lines with its natural collagen while hydrating the skin for at least 24 hours, giving men a more energised look.

The Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water-charged Gel Cream (SGD90) has been one of Lab Series’ best-selling products for some time, and it truly works (I’ll let you have a closer look if we get to meet). Trust me, people will better appreciate someone who looks more “sunshine” than “dark clouds”.

4. simplehuman 6.5” Sensor Mirror

This is perfect for guys who care about the finer details while grooming themselves – men love mirrors just as much as women, honest!

simplehuman Sensor Mirror

This comes in three sizes and I would recommend getting the medium-sized one (SGD269). The mirror comes with a magnification power of 7x, and includes a tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight. The LED lights are guaranteed to last for many years without diminishing or burning out, and it even comes with an intelligent sensor that allows the mirror to light up as your face approaches.

What’s more, this product is also perfect for couples to share.

5. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Braun 9090CC Series 9 Shaver

Say goodbye to annoying razor burns and shaving blade replacements. A good electric shaver can do the job of the razor blade without the risk of cutting oneself, and provides the added convenience of shaving anywhere – not just in the bathroom (I wouldn’t recommend it, but I know friends who shave while driving).

Of course, there’s the initial high cost of the shaver (SGD499), but bear in mind that changing the blades to this mean beast is only once in 18 months, and battery power lasts for multiple shaves.

So there you have it, good luck and enjoy your Valentine’s Day shopping![/sociallocker]