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Well-known dermo-cosmetic brand, Vichy, had recently launched their first hair care product that helps with hair growth. The Vichy Dercos Neogenic taps into the power of their newly-patented breakthrough molecule, Stemoxydine, to recreate the ideal environment to preserve the functionality of stem cells and to promote hair follicle growth.

101 volunteers with alopecia were tested and on average, 1,700 new hairs grew after 3 months.

Does Vichy Dercos Neogenic Work?


This is Chris. He is 31 years old this year and has been experiencing hair loss since he was 30.

So we got him to try out the Vichy Dercos Neogenic to see if it really works.

After trying it out for one month, here’s what he has to say:

  • nice medicated smell
  • hair is much more manageable than before
  • observable hair loss from shower drastically reduced
  • no observable side-effects or allergy

While there was no visible increase in hair quantity given that it has only been used for one month, Chris definitely felt the effect of its prowess.

A shampoo is also launched together with the serum. It’s recommended to use both of them together for maximum efficacy.

The Vichy Dercos Neogenic is available exclusively at Unity, Guardian, Watsons, and selected hospital pharmacies in Singapore. A box of 28 x 6ml monodoses is retailed at SGD168. One box is good for one month, and it is recommended to carry out the treatment for at least three months.